I am asking everyone to forward this to our elected officials in Washington and everyone else they feel should give a damn! Yes I’m screaming mad about how this need for $700 Billion Dollars all came about. Washington would have us to believe we have everything to lose when in fact many of us have already lost it all and can not afford any more taxation. No, quite the opposite, it is they the wealthy that have everything to lose and therefore are they supporting this $700 Billion Dollar welfare check rewarding failure to the top on Wall Street. Washington continues to misrepresent the real American people on Main Street. Many of our state and local elected Representatives, Senators and Governors alike have chosen to support this bill for personal and political gain. We the people must regain control of our Government and not allow big business and banks to dictate power over Washington (We the People).


Banks on Wall Street are asking the Government (We the People) to pay our bills via taxation. They are telling the wrong people of America and forgetting much of this problem stems from foreign debt. There is nothing Washington can do to save Wall Street without using our money. Who’s money? The people that no longer have any money left over to invest, the same people still lucky to be working, those people that did not buy more house than they can afford and most importantly they are the people still paying taxes they can not afford 1 more dollar of when these people had nothing to do with this financial crisis!

Therefore, Washington should remove their forceful hand form our wallets and not have anything more to do with the current financial crisis or any other for that matter. Many of real America’s middle-class 401K and savings accounts have been completely drained leaving them with nothing else to lose. Higher taxes will force even more out of their homes. Let the Market heal on it’s own before more bank CEO’s add fuel to the fire on the hunt for millions in severance pay. Certainly these CEO’s on Wall Street, all of Washington DC and the nation’s top wealthy support the bail out bill, they have everything to lose. We don’t! Unfortunately for us as it would appear from the Senate vote, Washington is poised to take more of our money in taxes one way or another. If that is going to be the case then they should use it to build 700 manufacturing plants, energy companies and oil refineries. That’s 14 major employers in each of the 50 states.

Unfortunately for us, the current Bush Administration has done nothing to support a policy re-imposing tariffs on all foreign imports that will protect American jobs. The sad alternative has been to allow illegal aliens to snatch up what few remaining jobs we have left. In order to keep jobs in this country, we need to have a trade policy that works. We wouldn’t feel so bad about paying more taxes to cover the poor bank management loans forced by wealthy misrepresenting government officials IF WE HAD A BETTER JOB OFFER! Paychecks pay bills and taxes should not be allocated for more welfare spending on Wall Street.

The crash of the ill prepared American Auto Market here in Michigan, due to mismanagement at the top and corrupt Union Organization such that Senator Obama would have all across the nation, has gravely affected many other businesses. There are 250,000 collecting unemployment in the State of Michigan. Another 250,000 are no longer eligible for unemployment compensation. Combined with a state estimated of 100,000 college graduates each year, Michigan alone has approximately 600,000 people seeking gainful employment (the majority of which are not paying taxes) and there are nowhere near that amount of jobs! Many are leaving state but most can not afford to move let alone pay for college. People can not sell their homes for what they were once worth and still owe. Provided they could who would they sell to when there are no jobs to buy our homes?

Washington has not sought the advice of accounting experts and hastily seeks to pass the greatest spending bill in our nation’s history. Washington has added nothing to this bill that would help struggling homeowners; opting to cut the capital gains tax and slashing corporate taxes instead. But these tax-cutting proposals do nothing to address the mortgage crisis and they certainly don’t help troubled homeowners. They amount to little more than a handout to the wealthiest people and huge corporations. This bill, as presented to real Americans, is nothing more than a fat bonus check in reward of failure at the top. Be very aware that the American people can not and will not stand for any more of this corruption. We as a free nation, along with Sarah Palin whom also does not like the bill, are prepared to clean house in Washington come Election Day and you can take that to the bank!Thank you for your time.

GeoffMichigan, USA

Soon to be unemployed Nov. 1st 2008 from the closing Automotive Industry in Michigan