Obamabots going the way of the Ronulans

The political incompetence of the McCain campaign in the last week had me worried that they were making an Obama victory nearly inevitable. What a difference an evening makes.

Of course Sarah Palin’s debate performance was the main thing. The odds are still tough, but she made it clear the fight is nowhere near over. John McCain could use a few lessons from her.

But what really put a smile on my face was seeing Obamabots going into a frenzy to hit all the online polls. They want to ensure the joke polls show Biden a winner by at least as big a margin as Ron Paul won all the Republican post-debate online polls.

At MoveOn.org they have a list of online poll links they’re urging their zombies to vote in.

They also have a form to facilitate sending letters to the editor at various papers. I especially liked their helpful list of talking points to include in the letters. The first talking point was to accuse Palin of being on “talking points”

Talking Points

Joe Biden clearly won Thursday’s debate. While Sarah Palin did a good job presenting rehearsed talking points, Biden …

Meanwhile over at dkos, a similar diary urging people to surf from poll to poll, voting multiple times in each poll, is high on the recommended list.(I recommended it too 😉

Yeah, I accept the valid arguments that the nutroots are irrelevant except for coughing up campaign donations, and we already knew they were kooks. But seeing so many of them descending to this Ronulan level of futility, it strikes me as an encouraging sign for the prospects of defeating Obama.