Request for information re: California

Hey folks, I’m trying to read up on the California budget crisis and I was hoping to get some suggestions for good reading.  I know some of the regulars here are active on the DeVore campaign, and I’m sure others have a place or two where they’ve read some discussion on the issues.  Yes, I’ve done some digging on my own, but my usual haunts are not, well, philosophically the same as this one.  I need a wider range of information and opinion.

For the purposes of full disclosure, this is not for any political purpose, nor is this some nefarious conservatives in the midst project.  I plan to be spending time arguing with some friends of mine who make my liberalism look like Coburnism :-).  As the last actual resident of a red state amongst this circle, I need to be able to point out the flaws in the California system.  Of course, from what I’ve read thus far, that shouldn’t be too terribly hard.

Anyway, I’ll read anything anyone cares to give me.  Except World News Daily, of course, heh.