Boehner Demands Spending Cuts for Any Debt Limit Increase (Ha, ha, ha, ha… ya, right.)

Here we go again folks, team “go along, get along” is saddling up to ride again.

John “Blank Check” Boehner along with his valuable team mate in the Senate Mitch “Whatever Reid wants” McConnell are going to stand their ground this time and demand cuts!

Wait, let me read that again….

.… demand cuts!  Bah, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Right, sure they are!

The real problem you see is John and Mitch underestimated Mr. Obama’s capacity to spend.  They are really kicking themselves now.   The plan was to give Obama open ended spending till after the election so they wouldn’t have to do anything, cut anything or legislate anything of any consequence.  See if they did something that might risk losing the election.

The “R” wizards of “smart” know that to take a position, reduce the rate of increase or slow the rate of regulatory growth might upset the precious*.  (* the ever so awesome independent that strangely enough votes just like a liberal.)

To the wizards of smart the ONLY thing that matters is winning, actually taking a stand or doing the necessary work to save the nation from the coming financial disaster is a “fool’s errand” that the ill-informed base keeps prattling on about.   They are not running for election to do something for the nation, they are running not to upset the bipartisan apple cart so they can get re-elected again.

So here we go again, Boehner has to placate the base with words as he once again intends to placate his party  (the statist establishment R and D) with very, very large sums of borrowed taxpayer cash.

If all goes according to plan he can keep the goods times rolling till when the statist establishment is directly under the “R” flag!

But then, he will make cuts!   Really, no fooling!   ….Bah, ha, ha, ha, ha….

Now if only those Tea Party types would just shut up, pull the R level and GO AWAY things would be all bipartisan goodness.

Come on folks, it’s not like the deficit actually has to be addressed, it’s no biggee, just ask John Boehner!

P.S. For all you doubting Thomas’s that still insist we must act on the deficit now I’m sure John and Mitch could put together a deficit panel with (snicker) teeth!

Read more here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-15/boehner-demands-spending-cuts-for-any-debt-limit-increase.html