Reagan MUST remain DEAD if the party is ever to succeed! Also conservatism has NOTHING to offer.

So says Jeb Bush during the NCNA (National Council for a New America) during its inaugural event.   From the Washington Times piece (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/03/gop-listens-in-drive-to-thrive/)

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it’s time for the Republican Party to give up its “nostalgia” for the heyday of the Reagan era and look forward, even if it means stealing the winning strategy deployed by Democrats in the 2008 election.

“You can’t beat something with nothing, and the other side has something. I don’t like it, but they have it, and we have to be respectful and mindful of that,” Mr. Bush said.

Unbelievable, well not really considering the NCNA was stacked with moderates.  Allow me to continue with other gems from the Washington Times article…

“So our ideas need to be forward looking and relevant. I felt like there was a lot of nostalgia and the good old days in the [Republican] messaging. I mean, it’s great, but it doesn’t draw people toward your cause,” Mr. Bush said.


“From the conservative side, it’s time for us to listen first, to learn a little bit, to upgrade our message a little bit, to not be nostalgic about the past because, you know, things do ebb and flow.” 

Acting like liberal Democrats didn’t draw people to our side either Mr. Bush.  Sounds like your recommending we kick Democrat-lite into double overdrive and simply redefine conservatism (er, I mean upgrade our message) to be whatever the Democrats are doing at the time but just a little less so.  You see gentle reader it is a knownfact ™ that conservatism as expressed by Reagan and his apparently delusional followers just is totally unworkable in these modern times.


Jebs message seems to have resonated with others at the event, Mike Collins said identity politics must also be at the core of a new and improved Republican party!


Again, back to the article…

But Mike Collins, a former RNC press secretary from Vienna, Va., who now runs a public-relations firm, said there is an urgent need for the party to rethink its strategy.

But the Hispanic leader closed with a warning: “The fact is, if they want to be a governing majority again, they have to do that.”

“We need to be much more articulate and reach out to demographics we’re not reaching right now – Hispanics, suburban women, regions of the country that currently we’re not effectively talking to,” he said.

Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, agreed, and he applauds the effort by the Republican leaders.

“It starts with showing up, with listening. It starts with making an effort. We really hope that they’ll do that,” he said.

Sadly you see conservatism (the Reagan kind) does not work for Hispanics, suburban women and certain regions of the country.  That simpleminded Reagan tried to reach out to all Americans as Americans not each demographic and you see what that got him.


But at least there was some “good” news!

The message resonated with many of those who turned out at the Pie-Tanza restaurant, right in the heart of a firmly liberal community.

 Gee, I wonder why the expressed agenda that differed little from the Democrat point of view (Reagan BAD, Reagan conservatism BAD, Pandering GOOD) was so well received there?