Public Educators Now Want Your Toddlers

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Public Educators Now Want Your Toddlers

Having succeeded in virtually wrecking the American public education system, the American Federation of Teachers, AFT, partners with the National Education Association, NEA, now wants to work on America’s toddlers.

Although technically separate organizations, the AFT and the larger NEA hooked up, partnered, some years back since they are mirror images of one another in terms of common goals, philosophies, and “projects,” (http://www.nea.org/aboutnea/NEAFTPartnership.html), point being that anything said about the AFT applies equally to the NEA.

And much can be said and written about these two teacher unions.  See, for example, articles published here, including “Educational Fudging,” (http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=189), and “America’s Schools:  Freefall  into the Third World,” http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=210.

Now, AFT President Randi Weingarten has announced that her group wants to reach out and do unto toddlers, three year olds, what they’ve been doing to older kids for decades, namely indoctrinating rather than teaching them.

Needless to say, she doesn’t spell out the AFT’s intent in quite those many words.  Instead, Ms. Weingarten says, “The research is completely conclusive of the issue that our brains develop faster between birth and five years old than they do pretty much at any other time,” which is probably true. 

As the Big Bad Wolf would put it, an apt metaphor for the AFT and the NEA, “Better to propagandize you, my little dears.”

Weingarten concedes that kids, (babies, actually, at age three), would be better off in their home environments but “some” don’t have “good” homes.  Therefore, her illogical conclusion is that all three year olds should be in school where greater “opportunity” can be presented to them.

May God forbid that any kids be home-schooled since that abominable concept has long been considered anathema to the AFT/NEA and almost the equivalent of child abuse!

Weingarten is seconded by former Assistant Education Secretary Susan Neuman who also presents the case that “most of our children need child care, regardless” but it should be in a “quality environment.”

It’s unclear if Ms. Neuman was issuing notice to the AFT/NEA that lax child care would be unacceptable.

It’s an unfortunate fact of American life today that, in order to provide a good and comfortable home, even with families with with two parents, both often have to work outside the home.

Weingarten is using that fact of life to make her case for our public educational system to get its clutches on younger and younger kids.  It began with full day kindergarten, progressed to pre-K “education” and is now focused on pre-pre-K children.

That progression has two aims in mind.  There’s the obvious goal of creating more jobs, and a greater membership, for the AFT/NEA, and the less obvious purpose of molding the minds of three year old babies.

That “molding,” as noted in previous articles, incorporates such ideas as creating acceptance of diversity, especially acceptance of homosexuality as simply a variation from the norm, and inculcating socialist, Democratic Party principles.

(For doubters of the latter, please see http://fwcon.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/wea-fined-extorts-money-from-teachers-for-democratic-party/ and http://www.heartlessandbrainless.com/2008/09/breaking-teachers-union-stranglehold.html.

So, here we are, America.  We have a proven failed educational system run by the AFT/NEA which now aims to expand that failure to toddlers.

As the song goes, “When will we ever learn, when will we everrr learn?”