Probably due to Republicans refusing, so far, to bail out the auto industry, Tracy threw the party to make ends meet while she waited for Congress to bail her out. 

It wasn’t a byob type of party but rather a byoc, (”c” for cash), type of party and some 20 gents/johns showed up and plunked down $15. for some entertainment and what better entertainment is there for perverts than dancing, naked, underaged teenagers?

According to this CNN/Breitbart report, two sixteen year old girls were forced by Tracy to dance nude or semi-nude on stage for the patrons.  One just happened to be her daughter:  http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=238663.

Times are tough in Detroit right now and in the rest of the Rust Belt and Ms. Tracy must have figured that hosting a byoc party sure beat getting a job, especially if that job meant getting greasy slapping up burgers or getting dirty slopping dirty floors.

This was easy money.  Fifteen bucks X twenty guys = $300 and where else could she make that in a night, except by walking the cold, dirty Detroit streets in December?  Then, too, that was only the cover charge exacted by the armed thug at the door.  The rest would be gravy, loads of gravy.

This was much easier than doing honest work for a living:  Force your daughter and another teen to strip for some drooling pervs, strut their stuff by dancing without poles to hold onto, and rake in the cash from the cover charge and the extracurricular activities.

When police raided the joint, they also uncovered various weapons and drugs of choice, including ecstasy and pot, and 19 adult prostitutes, and 20 male customers. 

Do watch and listen to that video of my nominee for 2008 Detroit Prostitute of the Year who would surrender her own daughter rather than do honest work to put bread and maybe some chopped meat on the table. 

Tracy exemplifies all that we can expect from such poor, misguided, deprived people, today.  Tomorrow, as in post January 20, 2009, with the ascendance of the Obamassiah to the highest office in the land, things will definitely change.

In fact, Tracy Abdur-Rasheed or someone like her may well become the next Under-Secretary for Human Services in the Obama administration.

Tracy is certainly skilled and experienced in providing human services. 

Probably the sickest part of this sick story is the Sheriff Warren Evans offhanded reference to a previous raid on a “photo shoot” with kids as young as five being exhibited to “perverted adults.”

Tracy’s daughter and the other teen are in protective custody. 

Who is protecting those five year olds and others like them?