A video salute to ourselves at Red State to celebrate the 4th of July

 To all Red Staters, lets post our favorite patriotic themed video to celebrate this most holy of American days.

Do a search on YouTube, or your favorite website, (YouTube is easiest for me) for your favorite patriotic singer, song, speach, or video. I’ll go ahead and start with my own, as a comment, (I don’t know how to put one in a diary) and feel free to add whatever you want.

The rules are simple, patriotic themed song, speach, (I suspect some Reagan), or video. This is for us here at Red State, so lets have fun and show our patiotism.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, and remember to watch out for the kids and keep them safe.

For those unfamiliar with YouTube embed, when you find what you want, click on “share”.

Then click on “embed”.

Then click on “use old embed code”, and make sure that is the only box selected in that column.

Make sure the small box underneath is highlighted, the 425×349, as it fits perfect. Copy the code in the box, and make sure it is all highlited, (it will start with “object width”, copy it, then paste it in the comment box.

If your song has already been posted, just post ditto or something as a reply. The same song by a different singer is ok with me, as everyone has thier own preferences, but the same song by the same singer would be lame.

Again, lets have a happy and safe 4th of July.

God Bless America.

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