Sarah Palin and the Car

 Inspired by Scope. Thanks

Three different people go to the same dealership on the same day and all three buy identical cars.


After one thousand miles, they all come in for a checkup, all on the same day, 

to have the dealer look at it for any potential problems, and give an evaluation for the dealer.


The dealer asks the first one how he likes the car.

The owner states that the car runs fine. He sees no problem with it.

It’s not the best he has had, but is it more than acceptable to him.

No problems.


The dealer asks the second buyer how he likes his car.

The owner says that its the best he has ever driven.

He has not had a car so great. he wants to buy another one just like it when this one wears out.

He would recommend this car to all of his friends.

It’s just great.


The dealer asks the third buyer about his car.

The guy tells him it’s a piece of crap.

He tells him he can’t understand why he is selling cars that he thinks are worthless.

He wants his money back, but can’t get it.

He has bought the car.


While waiting in the dealers lounge to get their cars checked,

the three buyers start to talk to each other over coffee about their cars.


The buyer who thinks that his car is ok, can’t understand why

the other two don’t see what he sees.

He can’t see why the one thinks it’s great, and why the other thinks it’s crap.

The car is just fine.


The buyer that thinks his car is great thinks the other two are missing something he sees,

and just think the other two are to stupid or uninformed.

How can they not see how great this car is.

There must be something wrong with them, as they can’t see the obvious.


The buyer who thinks the car is crap knows for sure that the others have a screw loose.

And no matter how long and loud he tells the other two about what he sees wrong with the car,

he just can’t convince them, and starts to yell louder.

These other two are just ignoring the facts about this car.

The buyer that thinks his car is terrible can’t understand why

the other two can’t see that the car is crap.


Three different buyers, and all have exactly the same car,

driven the same amount of miles.

Three very different opinions of buyers with the exact same car from the same dealer.

No one of them can change the mind of the other two.

It just seems hopeless to even try.




Now just put Sarah Palin in place of the car,

and you can see where we are at with her.