The Stick, and When Building a Dam

HT to Linda K (My Daughter)  for editing.

 With the elections coming up, people keep telling me how we can get the  conservatives we want elected, and  It usually comes down to “my way is better than yours.There  are a lot of good ideas out there,  but too many people think their ideas are the only good ones.                                                                                   By no way is this a guide for what to do, but rather to look at and consider  other’s ideas on how to go about  getting  the people we want elected.In some states, you have to do certain  things to win elections  that might not work in other states.                                                                                                            Same problem, different approaches. 


First, the reason why I wrote this in the first place.


When I worked for TRW, I came across kind of the same problem while working on the SCB (Stability Control Braking)  system.

The project was stalled because no one could agree on exactly which course of action to take or what to do to further the project along.

Conflicting ideas.  This happens when everyone is the smartest in the room.

This story  came to mind, which  I wrote,  and  presented this to the other engineers.

After reading this, and with some wrangling about it,  the project proceeded, only because the other engineers had finally considered the other ideas from the group, agreed to combine some of the ideas,  and the braking system finally got  developed and will be put into cars starting in 2011.

It showed that although all ideas are not good, but all are not bad either.


And so for your consideration;




Four men who were  students  were asked by their Taskmaster to do a chore for him.

The Taskmaster drew a large square on the ground in front of each of the men, and told them each to build a “stick” in their square.

The first man thought for a minute, as you would imagine, and then drew a stick in his square.

The second man went about getting different pieces of sticks and proceeded to literally  “build” a stick, and when completed, placed it  in his square.

The third man went and found  a stick that had fallen from a tree, and then placed it in his square.

The forth man went and got the seed of a strong and tall Oak tree, planted it in his square,

watered it, and said he was done.

In anticipation, all four men looked at their Taskmaster with eyes inquiring as to who had done the better.

In seeing the expressions on their  faces, he shook his head, and slowly explained to them that all had done equally well.

The first, he said, had done the task as he perceived it.  He had looked in his mind and found a stick.

The second had took the taskmaster literally, and found the pieces to actually build a stick.

The third man had found the simplest solution to the problem, found a stick, and presented it as built.  

The fourth man, having a knowledge of where sticks  come from, took a practical solution to the problem and was going to grow  a stick.


Although all four men had the same problem,  each had their own solution.

No one person had the best  solution,  and each solution  was as adequate as the others

to the question.


Some sticks are imaginary.

Some sticks are parts.

Some sticks are whole.

Some sticks are in the future.

All are parts of the same  stick.


Monday, February 21, 2005

By  G. E. K


When Building a Dam


If you can bring a large rock for the dam,

that will help get the dam built.

If you bring a few pebbles for the dam,

That too will help get the dam built.

Does it really matter who brings what and how much they bring?

The dam still gets built.

And when building a conservative dam to stop the flood of liberalism,

Every piece of rock helps.