Project Vote smart, Yea, I like this. And you should to.

I like to inform voters (And ya’all at RS), of information regarding candidates that are “In The Game”. (take that any way you want).
I’ve posted quite a few “just for info” and want to let you know why.
I send “just for info” to all I think who want to be informed.
I believe those who peruse RS would want to be informed, and post them here.
And with giving you said info, all I ask is that you make up your own mind.

I will not publicly endorse or support candidates for the simple fact that some might vote for those who I say so, or vote against those because of who I say so.

Your choice should not be influenced by mine.

Don’t take my word for what I say, as you shouldn’t with any one,
Don’t take politicians at thier word, but what they do.

Project Vote Smart informs you to just that.
I have found that this website is almost as accurate as Rush, (99.5%).

I promote Project Vote Smart for it’s simple facts, of the facts.

Home web site here:


On the Home Page, at the left is all you need.
type in the last name of your Senator, or Representative, and you can get most of all of thier politicaly professional history.
You can go to voting record and see where these politicians actually stand on issues.

Issue Positions
(political courage test),
Can tell you a lot of someone.

Please explore.
This site is totally informative.


Disclaimer: I have no afiliation with Vote Smart Project.
I just think it’s good enough to tell you about it.