Why I am on RedState.com, but I have a recent problem, and there for a rant [Closed]

[Gekster, future diaries calling out users may result in your banning. Don’t do it again. – NS]

I am on RedState because I find honest debate on this site. People are allowed, as per conservatism, to express thier opinions here, and get honest, rhetorical response.
Inspite of this, I have a rant

I recently commented on an article by
Time is Running Out for Marine Widow Hota Ferschke – Your Help Is Needed.

It is the plight of a child and mother of a solder who was killed in action.
The post was mainly about how this solders wife by proxy was having a hard time with the status of her and her childs imigration.
I commented how illeagle immigrants get everything, and this particular widow was having a hard time getting benifits from our Government.
After re-reading, as I often do, I found out that this child was born on a US military base.
I made the comment that this baby, like John McCain, was also born on a militatry base, and could possibly be President of the USA.
In jest, wich no one took as jest, was that if Obama was Kenyan, as stated by some, then this child also could be president.

Then it started:
——, made this reply:
—— Wednesday, October 14th at 6:01AM EDT
It’s rude, crude, and utterly self-centered to your belief that Obama is not a U.S. citizen which should have had nothing at all to do with this diary.
He made this comment and I was accussed of threadjacking.
I was not talking about discrediting Obama, as much as I was trying to say that maybe this particular child, as any born with US citizenship, could be President.

My reply to his comment was natural, as if someone was jumping on me.

My reply:
Aside from offending you, prove hes not a Kenyen.
Show me the birth certificate

That opened the slam.
We are ready to pounce on those we deem week.
Some people are just ready to slam anyone they can. They’re just looking for something, anything, I guesse.

It was then posted by——-:
Another birther needs the boot…nt.
———Wednesday, October 14th at 12:13PM EDT

I had now became a birther.
I don’t know how. I made a off-hand remark about Obama and now became a “birther”.
I didn’t know this, but I was at that moment also linked to the 9/11ers.

I asked of ——-:

I’m curious as to why you think that I should be booted
gekster Wednesday, October 14th at 12:48PM EDT
I don’t consider myself a “birther”.Just someone who wants to know the truth.
I’m not advocating Obama be removed from office for not showing a valid birth cirtificate.
I just want to know the truth.
It seems you don’t agree with me. Why give me the boot.
Because you don’t agree with the valid cirtificate thing.
At the recent RS gathering, when a speaker suggested that in the state of Georgia a law be passed that if someone runs for President in the state of Georgia that they have to produce a valid US birth cirtificate.
It got a rousing round of applause from the group.
Are they all birthers too, or just people who want the laws of this country upheld,
up to and including the Federal laws.
Eric applauded. Is he a birther also..
you want to boot him too?

No reply from –, but some other idiot just had to jump in:

Gekstercraft is a birther??
——– Wednesday, October 14th at 12:51PM EDT (link)
who knew?


I got the blam from him. Some friend.
And the name is gekster.

From ——, he’s here implying that I’m an idiot”.

Scoot your chair closer, little one.

—— Wednesday, October 14th at 1:09PM EDT (link)
Barack Obama is the President of these United States. He was duly elected by the Electoral College of the States.

There is no requirement that anyone have a birth certificate, even to seek the Presidency. There is a contemporaneous account of his birth found in a local newspaper. His family says he was born here. The President of the United States said, as a U. S. Senator, under penalty of perjury (which would put him in jail), that he was born here. The State of Hawaii says he was born here. Any one of those things would be good enough for me. All of them put together make for an impenetrable case.

See you on some other site.

He thinks I am gone at this point and have been banned.

to molify him, I said
I’ll accept your explanation, I can learn
gekster Wednesday, October 14th at 1:21PM EDT (link)
I’m not going to push it to the point of insanity.
I see that its a touchy subject to some here.
I’ll drop it now

Yeh. Some get realy angry if you say something they don’t like.
I don’t see why, except this is a lighting rod point to get some people peeved for no reason.

Then I got this:

It’s not about what you believe.
——– Wednesday, October 14th at 1:35PM EDT (link)

I’ve tried my best to give you ‘birthers’ some leeway but you hijacked a diary that had absolutely nothing to do with Obama to plug your silly conspiracy theory and that is what is rude, crude, self-centered.

So now what I believe doesm’t mater to someone who doesn’t know what “I” believe.
I didn’t know I was plugging a conspiricy theory.
I made one hap-ass remark,and now i’m getting this.
I did learn about the thread jack thing though.
the next comment was from –.
— Wednesday, October 14th at 2:05PM EDT (link)
A) Don’t threadjack
B) Birthers need not comment here. I’m sure there’s a conspiracy theory site out there somewhere that will meet your needs.

My final words on this thread

gekster Wednesday, October 14th at 2:56PM EDT (link)
I now know what contemporaneous means.
Yes, I had to look it up.And although I thought I knew before, I now also know what a “thread jack” is.
I will not knowingly do it again.
Thanks for your patience and instruction.

I was just going to leave this alone and hoped it went away, but then I today while I was perusing RS,
I read from 10/9 where someone was actually promoting the “birther movement”.
I did not see a comment from:
——or ——r,
to this other person.
No one calling for a Blam.
I make one half-ass remark and some of you are ready to throw me to the wolves,
or at least to the lefties.

I’ve been on this site for 1 year now.
I have gone astray some times, but have seen my errors and try to stick to the debate.
I have banned myself from this site because of conduct unbecoming of a gekster.
I am human, I make mistakes like most humans and as such can learn.
Instead of making a teaching moment as to which we can learn, you all were ready to throw me out.
Do you hold yourself to the same judgement?
The misinterpretation of what I ment from some on this site jumped as bad as Rush and the Rams.

You’ll have to throw me to the wolves, I’m not going because you don’t like the debate.
And ——- I sat next to you at the RSG.
I am anything but “little”.

I see I have gone astray again. I will not do it again. I am still in the learning process.
Teach me in the ways of RS. I am willing to learn.