A New Low for Liberals for Christmas

It’s just disgusting what I have just heard. Planned Parenthood in Indiana is giving out Christmas gift certificates for abortions.
This is disgusting.
At the time of year when we celebrate rebirth and life, these animals are promoting death. There are already going to be 6,000 babies in Indiana this year that will not celebrate the Christmas season this year because some misinformed mothers got abortions. Now Planned Parenthood is trying to get that number to grow for next year.
Being touted as an unusual but “practical” gift, these mass murderers are offering gift certificates in $25.00 increments for birth control, examinations, and abortion.
To quote PPIN President and CEO Betty Cockrum:
“Nearly 800,000 Hoosiers don’t have health insurance and can’t afford basic health services. Why not buy a loved one a gift this holiday season that they really need and one that will contribute to their health throughout the year?”
Yea, well what about the health of the baby? Don’t you care about the little ones health? Don’t the unborn babies get a chance to be healthy?
And if you get an abortion at Christmas time, what will you be feeling next year, when Christmas time comes around and you start to think about the “gifts” you don’t have to get, because of the one “special” gift that was given to you? I don’t think you can say it any other way, abortion IS murder.
Just plain Murder!!

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