Judgement Day for Democrats?

It’s time for America to pass judgment on the Democrat Party.  There was a time when most Americans believed both parties wanted the best for the country, we just disagreed on policy. In the 90’s, for example, President Clinton and the GOP Congress passed welfare reform and balanced the budget after the 1994 mid-terms handed the Democrats defeat.  There was bipartisanship, perhaps too much, during the Bush years.  But that was then, this is now.

Since 2009, the two parties have become more and more polarized. These days, we’re not arguing about welfare reform or tax rates.  We’re not debating education funding or quibbling about environmental regulations.  We’re not even separated by mere differences of opinion.  One side is aligned with the constitution, the other has chosen rampant corruption and tyranny.  One side believes in the rule of law, the other has embraced mob rule. One side is right the other is wrong.

This is now a battle of good versus evil.  A moral fight for the soul of the country.  November 6th is judgment day for the Democrats.

It took a century of creeping leftism to bring about this confrontation, but the last 10 years have ramped up the intensity to the point where we must choose a side. Both parties want power, but the Democrats want absolute power.

When they talk about assassinating Kavanaugh, or Trump, and when they tacitly approve of Antifa beating people, don’t look away. This is who they are.

Remember when they shrieked that we must believe all women and destroy Kavanaugh? Turns out his accusers were lying.

Remember when Never Trump and the Democrats (BIRM) told us we were Putin-lovers if we didn’t condemn Trump for colluding with Russia? Turns out the previous administration, the media, and foreign powers all colluded to smear Trump.

Remember those things when you vote on Tuesday.  These people intentionally lied to the American people. Just like they did with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and about the IRS targeting of conservatives – among a long list of other unconscionable things.

The only thing keeping the Democrats from tearing up the constitution are those who are willing to fight. That includes people you may not approve of, like Trump. Those who fight do so at a great personal cost.

You certainly can’t count on the so-called Never Trumpers like Kasich and Flake and Murkowski.  They’re not just unreliable ‘allies’. They appear intent on betraying us. You can count on them to say and do the wrong thing when it counts.

Remember who stood up and who pleaded surrender or attacked Kavanaugh. View their future words through that lens. That’s an easy way to know who your enemy is. Doesn’t matter what party they are in. They’re not your friends.

Why so black and white? Why so absolute? Because the enemy is unified and untethered to morality or the rule of law. As long as they are actively trying to destroy this country in unison, there can be no blurred lines. With or against. It’s that simple.

Remember that the Democrats are animated by the right to kill babies. In a sane world, that would tell you all you need to know about the rest of their agenda.  If that’s not enough, then remember that they don’t accept the result of the last election.  They support impeachment without cause. They engage in voter fraud and ram through court decisions when voters reject what they want.

There is no reconciliation with those who seek to gut the Bill of Rights and subjugate the American people. This election isn’t merely ‘partisan’, it’s existential. Not just this mid-term, but every election from now on as long as the Democrat party is ruled by the hard left.

Voting is about saving the Republic from a party that has so lost its way that they stand with a caravan of invaders over American citizens.  They’ve abandoned due process for you and me and they’ll never allow the rule of law to apply to them.

Your speech is violence and their violence is speech.  Their idea of bipartisanship is heads they win, tails you lose. And if you watched any of the Project Veritas expose videos lately, you know the ‘moderate’ Democrats are wolves in sheep suits.

The goal from now on should be to vote out every single Democrat. They all stuck together during the Obama corruption and in the disgraceful Resistance, so they can all go down together.

The vast majority of Americans are not partisan and don’t want their lives to be dominated by politics. The Democrats have made it impossible to ignore their antics and enjoy positive things like the booming economy.  They refuse to celebrate anything good that is happening and Resist any attempt by the GOP and Trump to advance an America First agenda, even though elections are supposed to have consequences.

That’s why back in May, I put forth a case for a Red Wave.  Then in June, I drew attention to the #WalkAway movement.  Contrary to the nonsense you see on CNN and in the rest of the Mockingbird Media, the Democrats have hurt their party with independents and even former Democrats.

And if early voting is any indication, I believe the predictions that we’ll keep a 5 to 10 seat House majority and add 5 plus Senate seats.  The victories may be by slim margins, but I expect indies won’t break for the Democrats and their turnout among minorities and women and millennials will fall short.

This is a call for a straight Republican vote on Tuesday.  Not because Republicans are perfect, but because the Democrats are insane. There needs to be a consequence for their behavior at the ballot box.

So Tuesday night we’ll find out what the voters really think about Trump vs. the Democrats. I pray the Democrats will have some serious soul searching to do come Wednesday morning.