A Modest Proposal for Never Trumpers Who Vote with Democrats

So the other day RedState’s Andrea Ruth reported that Bill Scher of Politico bravely called for True Conservatives to “temporarily” join the Democrats.

Why would stalwart conservatives vote to elect Democrats, you might ask? Why, to save conservatism from The Donald, of course.

It’s true, apparently this genius did the electoral and moral calculus and determined it’s worth joining George Will, Bill Kristol, and a few other tush-hurt leading lights and vote for the party that supports all of these super-duper things (and more):

  • Denying a Supreme Court seat to Brett Kavanaugh and nominating leftist seat warmers instead who will use lawfare to legislate from the bench what Democrats can’t get past the voters (kinda like Roe v. Wade)
  • Killing babies = Women’s health.  That’s right, instead of having Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, our moral and intellectual betters believe that it is imperative to stop Trump and not have a conservative majority on the highest court, so that killing babies for fun and profit will remain the law of the land and the spirit of notable Democrat comedienne Michelle Wolf will live on for a generation.
  • Sanctuary cities and open borders: Listen, if you have qualms about MS-13 slicing and dicing Americans into bits and dealing drugs to our kids, or if you like the idea of illegal aliens voting and driving around drunk and even shooting the occasional Kate Steinle, you may want to close your eyes, because bubba, with Democrats back in charge there will be at least 11 million illegals turned into True Blue American Democrats, and if that means our neighborhoods get ravaged by gangs, human traffickers and narcotic-fueled murders, so be it, amirite? Totes worth it to get Trump impeached right?
  • Socialism: Yeah, the old guard still shy away from talking about it, but the Bernie/Warren wing of the party is ascendant and that Cortez las is super fired up about bringing every Marxist’s favorite economic and government model right here to the good ol’ USA.  Now, if things like your job, your food supply, your fuel for your car, your car, and your basic human rights have to go out the window in the name of Social Justice and Equality, then you better pucker up and smile because disagreeing with the status quo is pretty much the worst thing you can do in a Socialist Paradise.  While you still can, use the ol’ Internet and read up on best practices in Cuba, North Korea, and everybody’s favorite, Venezuela.
  • Scrap the Constitution and Bill of Rights: For the Socialist Paradise to be installed properly, you do understand that things like free speech and gun rights gotta be, um, downsized. Like to the point where Honey I Shrunk Your Rights is a thing.  I’m pretty sure you’ll need to learn to love living without the rest of your rights, starting with property and that silly pursuit of happiness thing.  Get over your American privilege, because that regressive claptrap will be generously replaced with collectivism, which means whatever the mob says, the mob gets, and the mob is an extension of the Socialist government’s whims and tantrums.  The good news is you’ll have cradle to grave all figured out, and the distance between them may even be, um streamlined so you don’t become a burden on the government’s fancy plans.

To the Never Trumpers who think this plan is as cool as Hot Sauce in Hillary’s Pantsuit Pocket, I say you can’t destroy a village to save it, and you can’t side with Marxists to save conservatism from…

Wait, what are we saving conservatism from again? DJT?

The Orange Man on a Mission to MAGA? Really?

That’s the form you chose for the Destructor over the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man?

I gotta ask…

Aside from the Top 5 Greatest Democrat Hits above, what is it that you think the Democrats will do that is preferable to what the Trump administration is doing NOW?

Do you hate the idea of returning more power to the people? Say, by cutting taxes, regulations, and restoring rule of law from rogue bureaucrats and politicians?

Because us Normals like keeping more of our money, being able to start and run businesses, and we’re pretty keen on not being ruled from Washington by a bunch of Socialist kooks. We’d also like a shot at overturning Roe V. Wade, which ain’t gonna happen under your fancy plan.

And we still like the idea of a strong military because of that whole peace through strength thing.  We had some not insignificant concerns about the Iran deal, and Israel’s future wasn’t so bright during the Obama years, was it? Do you guys still care about stuff like that? Because your new Democrat pals (masters?) have a whole other kind of foreign policy where the UN and other unelected foreign entities dictate how our lives run here in America, and they have a long history of siding with America’s enemies on just about every subject (remember the Paris Accord?).

Have you guys made peace with the New Rules for Free and Fair Elections (TM) as defined by Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Stzrok, and the rest of the Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight? I mean, that whole ‘frame Trump for what Hillary did’ stuff is a real hoot, right? I mean, we don’t even need to vote anymore because we can trust the IC to just pick the right puppet from now on.  Maybe 240ish years is a good enough run.  We done the Founders proud. Don’t need to be greedy, don’t need to keep the Republic.  We can spread the wealth (and the liberty) around so that we have none and the ruling elite have everything.  I’m sure they’ll share right back in a couple hundred years or something.

I know what you’re thinking…

You’re gonna say that Trump’s wrongheaded tariffs are Armageddon and that our allies like the EU are bummed by the talk of chipping in for their tab at NATO.  Maybe you didn’t see the news last week, but the EU caved like Never Trumper’s principles and agreed to come to the table on Trump’s terms. I won’t spin your head around too much tonight, but perhaps you should go read Trump’s braggadocious book, Art of the Deal, because he threatens tariffs to remove barriers to FREE trade, which is not like the crony capitalist/corrupt Globalist deals your ‘True Conservatives’ and Democrats put in place over the past few decades.  Those only make your friends rich and make the rest of America grab our ankles.

Something to ponder.  I was told in a comment the other day that Never Trumpers are the only Republicans who are brave. It was said that they get all kindz of meanz from Trump’s Republicans and the Democrats are nicer.  Do you know why that is?  Because if you read the typical Jennifer ‘Principles for Dayz’ Rubin, for example, she reserves all her best h8tr venting for Republicans and doesn’t have a critical word to say about the Marxist left.  Does it surprise you, really, that when Never Trumpers declare anyone not in their kewl-kids-klub to be knuckle dragging deplorable morons and reprobates, that those deemed unworthy would kinda want to return the sentiment in spades?  Or did you think you’d get a bear hug for your betrayal and bitchy vitriol?

As a thought experiment, do you think the Democrats would tell their voters to side with Republicans under any circumstances? Or are you really that blinkered with TDS that you’d sleep with the enemy Deliverance Style and expect respect in the morning? Do you think once the Democrats regain the Congress with your helpful assist that they’ll somehow return the favor and allow you to enact conservative reforms?

That’s kind of a rhetorical question, because I bet you do, you big thinkers.  You must have missed the #WalkAway memo, but centrist Democrats and moderate liberals are actually leaving the Democrat party to think for themselves.  And it was many Democrats crossing over in the Rust Belt that saved America from Hillary.

Speaking of the day Hillary’s quest for the White House died, I understand you’re despondent that your gal lost, but the rest of us believe the Republic dodged a fatal bullet.  Be patient.  If you put in the time and effort, organize, and knock on doors, maybe y’all can get Kamala Harris in the End Zone next time.  That’ll be a real shot in the arm for conservatism, huh?

It’s just like you Thought Leaders to run to the left as the only sane Democrats abandon the Jackass party. You prefer to follow Pelosi and Schumer and Trotsky off into the Progressive/Communist red hammer and sickle sunset.  You, brave, principled, Loyalists, you.

But that’s about what I expect from you guys.  I’m so impressed with your commitment to Muh Principles and Big Strategy and Amazeballz Predictions that I’m going to devote the rest of this diary to all the things you’ve been right about since Trump announced his run for president.

Be sure to patiently scroll to read them all.

Here goes… Get ready… This could take a while… But I want to show you all due respect.



I mean, come on.  You guys were blazing trails and everything.



I hope you can see I’m being thorough here.



Are you picking up what I’m puttin’ down?




Take notes…




Leaving no correct prediction behind.



You’ve been right about ALL of this (and more).



Gotta cut this list short due to space limitations.  But I’m sure you can appreciate how hard I tried to showcase your ALL your best stuff.






That’s pretty impressive, you guys.  I was careful to be fair and list EVERYTHING you’ve been right about.

You’re nothing if not consistent.

Tell you what, we’ll take actual conservative results and the #WalkAway folks who are fleeing the Marxists, and you and the other handful of Never Trump Loyalists can #UnleashYourInnerDonkey.

Go for it, you guys.  What could go wrong?

On the other hand, maybe this is not a game?