New Reuters Trump Approval Poll Offers More Bad News for #Resistance

Looks like for my second diary I’m going to double down on the first.

Does this new poll suggest that we actually could we see a Red Wave in November?  It speaks to Trump’s re-election prospects, but I’ll use that as a proxy for the Republican’s prospects for retaining their majority in Congress.

With trepidation and soiled shorts, Reuters reports

The Reuters/Ipsos Core Political poll has a significant realignment this week across a number of metrics. Most pronounced is President Trump’s approval rating which currently sits at 48% with all Americans. His number with registered voters is essentially the same at 49%. Corresponding with Trump’s stronger approval rating, evaluations of his job performance across the board are stronger this week from 57% approving of his handling of the economy to 44% approving of the way he treats people like them. On the generic congressional ballot, our current poll shows a +5-point advantage for Democrats, the smallest lead we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Those who cling to the idea that a Blue Wave is headed our way ‘because Trump’ should read the rest of their findings.

This Rasmussen poll might explain why Pelosi and ‘Crazy Eyes’ Democrat Congress critter, Adam Schiff, want to tamp down talk of impeachment.

Voters see more chance for President Trump’s reelection these days and strongly believe that impeachment is not the best strategy for Democrats running for Congress.

In fact, just 15% of Likely U.S. Voters believe focusing on the president’s possible impeachment is a better campaign strategy for Democratic congressional candidates than focusing on policy areas where they disagree with Trump. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 70% think focusing on policy differences is a better political strategy. Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Has America caught Trump fever?  Not from what the polls suggest.  But as I cited in my first diary, it’s the economy, stupid, remains a meaningful way to predict voter behavior.

Unless the Democrats can explain why raising taxes, piling on regulations, restoring the Individual Mandate, and sheltering illegal immigrants benefits voter’s pocketbooks, I think they’re in for a disappointing November, even if they gain seats.

Guess all their hopes hang on Robert Mueller’s ‘investigation’.