So much for the GOP Establishment’s “Electability” Argument in Oregon

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the Beltway GOP Establishment has been pushing a liberal, pro-abortion candidate in the U.S. Senate Primary here in Oregon.

I talked about how the tired narrative that somehow we have to be more liberal to win elections remains alive and well in DC circles and how the “experts” —  including Karl Rove, Saxby Chambliss, Susan Collins, and Richard Burr — do not believe that a conservative pro-life candidate can win in Oregon.

They think they know better than those of us fighting here in the trenches.

Well, a new Harper poll just released shows how wrong they are.

In head-to-head matchups with incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley, conservative pro-lifer Jason Conger performs better than the GOP establishment’s pro-abortion pick, Monica Wehby.

Conger trails Merkley by just 7 points; Wehby trails him by 12 points.

This is a winnable race in the general – a generic ballot match-up shows Republicans just 3 percentage points behind Democrats. That’s within the margin of error.

But we only have a shot if we nominate someone who can draw clear contrasts with Sen. Merkley – and that person is Jason Conger.

It’s time for Republicans to support principled candidates who can relate to regular voters, not politicians propped up by DC money.

Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right to Life