I am not a military guy, but, I know a few things:

1) You turn into an ambush and expend whatever is necessary to break it up;

2) You assault weak point(s) or at least avoid the strength(s);

3) You want to break into their rear and take down targets of opportunity;

4) You flank; and

5) You take out command and control.

Again, I’m not a military guy and I don’t want to be too analogous because I don’t want to sound like an idiot and/or lose track of this idea.  I got the idea posting on another blog.  I just wanted to roll this out here to see if it makes sense, and if it does, maybe somebody more respected and who has better prose can run with this.

I see lots of energy being expended fighting this administration and the congress.  Assaulting this thing (the proverbial thing) head on is not producing the results we are looking for.  Not that we shouldn’t be doing that, but, we need an end run, some asymmetrical tactics, and a little ‘contractor’ help to get a push.  The ticket is to get an initial push, and like a rugby scrum, something……….somebody will break out and score.

First, like others have suggested all over, we need their rule book.  We need a crash course in Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’.  Even if it offends our own sensibilities to play their game, at least we need to be knowledgeable of what they are doing.  I’m headed to the local library tomorrow, then the used book stores, then new book stores, and then home to the ‘net.  Tomorrow I will have my own copy or at least have it on its way.

Second, we need some old fashioned blunt force instruments.  Those instruments can be anything that is documentable.  We need ANYTHING that points to ANYTHING that can be reported about ANYBODY in this administration and congress.  Obviously, it needs to be verifiable.  I’m not talking FOIA stuff, I’m talking public records and other stuff.  My whole idea came from this:  On another blog I posted at it was in reference to Obama’s Con Law class.  The usual chalkboard with the Alinsky stuff on it got me thinking……..I’d like a syllabus from that class.  Now, there has to be a syllabus somewhere.  And not that people were/are trying to get some documentation ………. and then it hit me.

We need to start scouring our own local areas for this kind of stuff on EVERYBODY.  The Cabinet.  Appointees, Representatives, Senators, their staffs, everybody who is ANYBODY in this thing.  Even the PRESS, they’re in it up to their eyeballs.  The absence of objectiveness puts them in the cross hairs too. There is a paper trail out there we have not picked up on because we’ve been expending a major amount of our energy on the frontal assault.  Again, not that we shouldn’t, but, its time to open another front.  If we can get something on somebody (and there’s a lot of somebody’s so the odds are pretty good) then we can pick them off.  I’m not talking elections.  I’m talking full frontal violence (metaphorically).  Divorce records, BK filings, civil suits, tax records, bad checks, the other woman (man), you name it.

Third,  we know the Enquirer and other tabloids will print most anything.  Especially if its verifiable.  We know the MSM won’t, but, the tabloids shred anybody.  They are equal opportunity destroyers.  Verifiable dirt, bad dealings, illegalities, whatever.  Their gloves are off.  So should ours.

Now, obviously this is distasteful.  But, under the current circumstances, it seems we need something to get that push I was talking about.  Anything untoward found could be brought to the attention of not only media (whoever it is that will print/air it) but, your local DA’s office too.  If its illegal, it had to happen somewhere.  Somebody has to start answering for this kind of stuff.  And, according to the law of patterns, these people didn’t start their shenanigans in DC.  It started at home.  And, if you got some local people that need stood up, that qualifies as busting into the rear and taking out targets of opportunity.

I hope this is not too ‘out there’ but, I see we need something.  On its face we know this will be ugly and unpleasant, but we need to turn into it …………. expending whatever is necessary to break THEM up.

Even if this doesn’t see the light of day, I’d like some military folks to post diaries that give us crash courses on adapting small unit tactics to the fight we are currently in.  It’ll be like an online graduate course in getting things done the down and dirty way.