What in God's name was wrong with SCEVs: "so-called evangelical voters"?

The after-action reports on Cruz’s campaign have begun. Many reasons are being offered for his defeat, and there is some validity to several of them. However, it’s odd that the most glaring cause of Ted’s loss is pretty much being swept under  the rug.

Simply put, if so-called “evangelicals” had substantially supported Cruz, today we’d be guaranteed a contested convention, if not the real prospect that Cruz could win a majority of delegates, and the nomination,  before the convention.

If evangelicals had supported Ted to the same extent that blacks, gays, and abortionists vote Democrat, Cruz would have won going away.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, there were several states where exit polls tell us that Cruz actually failed to win even a simply majority of SCEVs (“so-called evangelical voters)

And it really doesn’t seem to make any sense.

If SCEVs were asked to construct their ideal candidate, it would be a Ted Cruz. But somehow, someway,  he wasn’t good enough for them

Indeed,  a race between Cruz and Trump set up a near biblical conflict of good vs evil. But evil triumphed. Trump, after all, was notably pro-choice for decades, funded NARAL, and PP, and was even OK with partial birth abortions. Yet to many SCEVs, this mattered not one iota.

It’s as if SCEVs voted for the snake in the Garden of Eden. Why?

We can surmise several explanations:

1.  SCEVs are also hurting economically, and when times are tight, the pocketbook issues (dare I say it?) trump social concerns.

2. SCEVs are royally PO’d at the GOPe for selling them out time after time, yet they didn’t have an outlet for their anger and frustration until Trump came along.

3. The GOP has as many, if not more, LIVs than the Democrat party.

And that last is scariest of them all. For if true,  it means that the Republican Party cannot and will not survive.