How will IRS commissionner Koskinen deal with a President Trump? And what about the blind trust? Time's running out.

The IRS commissioner is appointed for a 5 year term. Democrat hack John Koskinen was confirmed by the Senate on 12/23/2013.  He’s been busy covering up the Lois Lerner mess, as well as lying to congressional committees on multiple occasions.  The IRS remains completely politicized.  Koskinen can choose to remain in the job for the first two years of the next administration.

Just imagine the fun that Koskinen and his merry minions are going to have with a President Trump.

Donald Trump reneged on a campaign promise to release his tax returns, giving the moronic excuse that he is being audited for multiple years.

Since the early 1970’s, every US president has released their tax returns each year they were in office.

As we are now faced with contemplating  the gawd awful prospect of a Trump presidency,  one of the many upcoming side shows will therefor be a President Trump refusing to release his tax returns, citing the reason  that he is still under audit.  And then, two years hence, we can contemplate a still audit jeopardized President Trump nominating the individual who will head the IRS, and thus direct  the audit of the man who gave him the job.

Folks, if you think the Clintons had skeletons……

BTW, there’s 8 months until the inauguration. So far, Trump has yet to provide one detail as to what he is going to do with his supposedly massive fortune. He once tossed out the idea of a blind trust, or letting his kids run the place.

Is he that stupid?


Does he think we are that stupid?

Also, yes.

Nothing of course will be done before inauguration day, and that alone is going to cause a plethora of problems and ethical issues.

DC will soon have a new luxury hotel, the Trump International, presumably with TRUMP signage splashed everywhere. Yup, we’re about to descend into banana republic status. The Donald is erecting his own monument.

And yes, the thought, the mere possibility of having a narcissistic pathological liar in the Oval Office is depressing.

So I await the Indiana results this evening. Should Cruz wins, I will celebrate with a fine bourbon. If Ted loses, I will drown my sorrows with the same adult beverage.