Two questions for #Never Trumpers, like myself: Could Trump actually ask Cruz to be his VP, and would/should Ted accept?

OK, OK…before you laugh, or spew your coffee, or tell me I’m fruitloops, or drunk….hear me out for a few minutes.

First, as to my  bona fides.  I have been opposed to Trump from the first day he announced. I’ve called him a megalomaniacal narcissist with pathological tendencies.   Check out my diaries. I’m as pure as Ivory soap in my loathsome detestation of The Donald.

But if Trump manages to capture the GOP nomination on the first ballot, it will soon be obvious to him and his advisers that if at least one-third of GOP/conservative voters stay home/sit on their hands/refuse to vote for him, he has ZERO, NADA, ZILCH chance of winning in November.

And that’s where Trump’s admittedly pathetic ethos comes into play.

There are two things we absolutely know to be true about Trump:

1. He has a monumental ego. He can’t stand the idea of losing; of being rejected. So, faced with the prospect of a  near inevitable defeat, would he not do/say ANYTHING to avoid losing?

2. He loves “THE DEAL.” It defines him. Putting the pieces together. Making things work. Getting it done. Heck..read his books…that’s what he’s all about. And then ask yourself, putting together a ticket with Cruz would be the consummate deal, in Trump’s mind.

So, once you accept that premise, it’s easy to take the next step and realize that Trump would have no problem what so ever justifying, in his mind, and to his supporters, putting Ted on the ticket. After all, he’s changed, walked backed, altered comments…. heck lied..hundreds of times already during the campaign.  He’s said that he could shoot someone in midtown Manhattan, and 99% of his supporters would be OK with it. So if he tells them something like…“Ted’s really a good guy. Politics ain’t beanbag, and sometimes you have to lie a little. But I need him on the ticket to win in November. And BTW, Heidi’s really a beautiful person.”

His supporters would change their mind, and tune, about Ted, in an instant….about as fast at communist sympathizers here supported US intervention in WW II after Hitler invaded Russia.

So, Donald’s on board with the idea, and the offer is made. It’s actually  an easy decision  for him

Which brings us to the second question. WWTD? What would Ted do?

And that, my friends, is where the wicket gets really, really sticky.

For Cruz it would be a combination Hobson’s choice/Sophie’s choice.

Refuse Trump, and likely see Hillary win, and get to appoint 3-4 Supreme Court justices in the next few years.

Refuse Trump, and likely see the Senate revert to the Democrats, and Chuckie Schumer as majority leader.

Refuse Trump, and likely see the implosion and demise of the GOP, as Trump’s supporters will blame his loss on Cruz’ refusal to join the ticket.

Or, does Cruz accept, but only after working out an ironclad agreement with Trump on several key matters; possibly identifying certain key areas over which Cruz will have sway, and also perhaps giving Cruz the opportunity to select the SCOTUS  nominees?

As the estimable streiff points out here, Trump is likely not to be interested in actually running an administration…he’s probably willing to delegate a lot. Also, Cruz can help to attract a lot of good conservatives to the administration. And Trump is more likely than not, unlike Hillary,  to be a one term president.

The one drawback to Cruz as VP is that he’d be a foolproof insurance policy against Trump’s impeachment. No Democrat would ever vote to put Cruz in the Oval office.

But should Trump make the offer, would Ted accept? Could Ted accept? Should Ted accept?

Aye, there’s the rub!!

I was going to end with a banal thought, like “politics makes strange bedfellows…” but of course, I couldn’t do that, now could I?