And the hits keep on coming, part 2....Lyin' Donald Trump steps in it big time: From 2009-2014, he gave $ ZERO to charity (not $100+ million)

The Washington Post has a devastating analysis of Trump’s supposed mega-millions of charitable donations.  Read the entire piece, it’s  brutal, and pretty much confirms what we’ve all suspected.

He’s a liar, a fraud, a narcissistic megalomaniac .

But it also explains a lot more.

Aside from being cheap, Trump hasn’t donated a thin dime because he doesn’t have the cash.

And that’s why he’s not releasing his tax returns…..they would show he’s lying about his income and net worth.

And that’s why he’s engaged in so many obvious scams over the years….i.e.Trump University, Trump Vodka.  HE NEEDS THE CASH

Trump has a foundation…..he gets OTHERS to donate to it, then HE directs where and how the $$$$ goes, and claims all the PR and good will. Which explains why most of the veterans groups Trump professes to love so much have yet to receive any of the money he’s claimed to have raised for them.

The vast majority of Trump’s so called PERSONAL millions in charitable donations are not in cash..but rather, in the form of tee times at his many golf clubs.



Aside from the obvious sleaze factor, this probably crosses the line and becomes tax fraud. Everyone knows  that an in-kind charitable donation is valued by the donor,   subject to audit by the IRS for substantiation.

IOW, what’s the real value of an unused tee time slot? Hundreds, thousands of $$$$, as Trump claims, or more like that of an empty seat in a movie theater, or an empty seat on an airplane…..ZERO

The problem for The Donald is when he takes the highly inflated figure, and uses that to compute his charitable deduction for income tax purposes. That’s fraud. Because the taxpayer picks up the tab.

So, all you Trumpbots out there who blindly follow along…..convinced The Donald can do no wrong…he likely has been big time…and he’s screwing you over.