So, when do the folks at ARG commit hara-kiri? (Can't wait for their next poll...)

It’s hard to fathom that one day before Cruz walloped Trump in Wisconsin, a so-called polling outfit named ARG released a poll showing Trump with a 10 point lead over Cruz.

Let’s see…15 point WIN, vs. a predicted 10 point LOSS.  

I am not a statistician..never even played one on TV (let alone stayed at a Holiday Inn Express) but does that mean that all ARG polls now come with an automatic 25 point MOE?

Hard to believe that these clowns would dare to ever release another poll.

Harder still to believe they’re gonna explain WTF happened…how they managed to screw the pooch so badly…

Hardest still to imagine that ANY reputable news organization would ever again bother to cite them again.

Oh wait a second…that’s wrong……