Yup, that's just what the country needs, a time share salesman in the Oval Office

Some here of a certain age may recall the name “Kidder, Peabody.” The 125 year old investment firm was bought by GE in 1986. Shortly after, the firm was caught up several large Wall Street scandals. A year later, GE chairman Jack Welch cleaned out the management at the firm, and appointed a GE board member, Silas Cathcart, the former chairman of Illinois Tool Works, to run the company. Which led one wag at the firm to famously comment…“Yup, that’s just what we need around here to fix things..a really good tool and die man..”

FYI..the firm was involved in several more scandals, which led GE to shut it down in 1995.

Which brings us to Trump…..

He held a presser today at the Old Post Office..soon to be the latest Trump hotel.  He attempted to seem more presidential. There was less bombast. But watch the link below..just the last TWO MINUTES.


He can’t help himself….he wants to give the  press a tour….show them the “great” rooms….the place is gonna be awesome…

Really??? This is what you do as the putative front runner of the party of Lincoln???

Seems you can’t take the huckster out of the candidate, ever…..I can see him, at his inaugural, inviting the crowds to come on down and tour the place..

Enough to make me gag…


BTW..Trump said that Heritage was preparing a list of suitable SCOTUS nominees for him. Anyone have more information?


Jim DeMint..please pick up the red courtesy phone…