Will Donald Trump send John McCain packing? (GOP soap-opera, short version)

There’s a fascinating undercurrent to this week’s Arizona GOP primaries that hasn’t gotten too much attention in the MSM, primarily because the MSM is focused on Trump 24/7; but it may tell us  something about the effect a Trump candidacy could have on Republicans in down ballot contests.

Here’s what we know so far:

Trump leads by about 10% in most Arizona polls, according to RCP. It’s a plurality…..Trump’s at his ceiling of about 35% support. That’s an awful lot of undecideds, folks..What are they watching/waiting for, and how will the events of the last week or so on the campaign impact which way they break?

John McCain is in a virtual tie with conservative Tea Party state senator Kelli Ward.  Ward has not officially endorsed Trump, but she’s been seen often at his various rallies. Not quite officially engaged, they’ve been “keeping company.”

Trump, early in the campaign, suggested that McCain was “no hero” for getting captured.

McCain was an early supporter of Lindsay Graham, who has now endorsed Ted Cruz, and is busy fund raising for the Cruz campaign.

McCain, as the GOP presidential candidate in 2008, brought to national prominence she-who-can-no-longer-be named, and that person has now endorsed Trump.

And let’s not forget that it was McCain, a few years back, who called Cruz and other tea party folks “wacko birds,” (et tu, Lindsay?)

Hopefully others far better familiar with Arizona GOP politics can weigh in, but it’s hard to imagine that the new voters that Trump is attracting are going to pull the lever for McCain.

So it’s quite possible that Trump will get to claim McCain’s scalp Tuesday night, and send the old Maverick off to the retirement home ( or a cable news gig)

And imagine what Johnny’s gonna have to say about it all then?