Dear Ted: Every day, five.... no ten times a day, demand Trump's tax returns; and ask what he is doing about his blind trust?

Well, it looks like we pretty much have a two person race, which is what Cruz has wanted for some time. There are two things that Ted must do every day, continuously, non-stop, to pin Trump down.

1. Demand that he release his tax returns. Trump’s “argument”..that he can’t do so because he’s supposedly being audit, is full of crap. It has more holes than swiss cheese. But why are we giving him a pass on it? Push it, and hard. Ask “What’s Donald hiding?” “What doesn’t he want us to see?” Insist that the MSM ask the same questions. Call them on it. Make it a big enough topic that Trump has to confront it every day.  It’s the easiest way to shape the campaign debate going forward. And It’s something that everyone can understand, even the “less intelligent” people who are Trump supporters.

2. Remember Trump’s presser last week, when he showed us all those “great” products of his, which are all supposedly “successful” businesses? Well, Ted, time to start asking the Donald what he’s going to do with them if he’s elected in November. And let’s not forget all the real-estate, and his other interests. Trump has the largest potential conflict of interests imaginable. Don’t let him skate….force him to tell us now what he’s going to do with his holdings.

These are two obviously BIG problems for Trump….keep on hitting them hard.