Only megalomaniacal, narcissistic, fascist wannabes believe that they are making a "sacrifice" by running for President. Only Trump is stupid enough to come out and say so.

Trump has a new ad out. It’s a different tone….deeper, heavier, more ominous. But what is most striking is the first ten seconds. Watch for yourself.


Yup, that’s right folks. “Der Donald” actually deigns to tell us that he’s making a “sacrifice” in order to run for President  and save all us poor folks from whatever.

It’s hard to believe that nobody in Trump’s campaign saw anything wrong with this. Which is of course what is so very wrong with Trump’s campaign.

Most dictators of the last 100 years proclaimed the great personal sacrifice they were making in order to save their nation. It’s a common thread in the writings and speeches ..be it Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, or any other. They are supposedly “giving themselves up”..making a supreme sacrifice, in order to help the country.

Et tu, Trump?

Call it messianic, or a “Jesus” factor…but it’s there, it’s always been there..and now Trump puts it out…what he really believes.