Everyone says Hillary will clobber Trump, but what happens if the Dem nominee is Sanders? (Dumb and Dumber run for President)

I’ve been an avid supporter of Ted Cruz since he first announced, and continue to hope that he can find a pathway to the nomination. However, if Trump wins Florida and Ohio, it’s going to be difficult, at best.  We continue to get polls showing that both Cruz and Rubio would beat Hillary, but she’d clobber Trump. (Though one would think that pollsters, after their abysmal FAIL in Michigan, would have the decency to suspend for a few weeks)

But surprisingly, there’s been no real polling of a Sanders v. Trump race, likely because Bernie has no path to the Democrat nomination, unless and until Hillary gets indicted.

It would seem that some attention should be paid to the possibility that we will have a Trump v Sanders, or if you prefer, a Dumb and Dumber, race for the Oval Office.

So, what might we then see….

If Trump locks up the GOP nomination fairly soon, and Hillary is indicted and forced to drop out, The Democrat establishment will absolutely attempt to impose a Biden, or Warren, or some other fossil, on the convention. They absolutely cannot stomach the idea that Sanders would get wiped out by Trump, and likely hurt the Dems in down ballot races. Yet trying to deny Sanders the nomination would inevitably cause a huge schism in the party, and Sanders supporters will not accept their man getting stiffed.

The MSM is happy to endlessly point out that the GOP is in crisis, some even saying the party is in a battle for its very existence. However, a Trump/Sanders race means the end of the Democrat party as we know it. The Democrats have a ZERO bench…no rising starts at the state level….and their congressional delegation is hopeless. I mean, Amy Klobuchar…really?

A Trump/Sanders contest would likely mean that the GOP expands its majorities in both the House and Senate, and they become more conservative, and focus on opposing Trump’s many  likely stupid initiatives.

Life may well imitate “art” yet again….