Rubio must drop out now AND endorse Ted Cruz. The first step is useless without the second

Watching the returns tonight, we hear the pundits tell us that Marco Rubio, in light of his gawd-awful showing in today’s races, faces a really difficult decision.

Not true. In fact, he doesn’t. It’s over. The fat lady has already sung. Loudly, clearly, and convincingly.

So now, Rubio must exit the race, and hopefully will do so tomorrow. We’re told this will sharpen the focus into a two man contest.

But that’s not enough. Far from it. Rubio must announce that he’s dropping out, and endorse Ted Cruz, and urge all his supporters to vote for Cruz. If, as Rubio has said repeatedly, we cannot allow the party of Lincoln and Reagan to be taken over by a “con artist” then he must endorse Cruz now.

I watched Trump’s 45 minute long combination rally, presser, stream of consciousness cum Home Shopping Network diatribe, and I am left both disgusted and frightened. How the hell did we ever come to this point, that a combination Huey “Kingfish” Long, Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy, and PT Barnum could be this close to the GOP nomination?

I repeat what I wrote here months ago, when Trump first announced. He is a high-functioning megalomaniacal, pathological narcissist.

Bill Clinton told us that he “did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski.” He also told us it all depends on “what the definition of is, is.

Trump tonight told us, nay insisted,  that Trump University was NOT a con, a scam, a fraud. He did not fleece thousands of people. And oh yeah, if you raise your right hand and swear a loyalty oath to him..promising to vote Trump, he’ll send you a steak…and/or a magazine.

Trump proved tonight that he is a bigger and better liar than Bill Clinton.

His unfavorables are through the roof.  Yet he still gets pluralities. And delegates.

The only way we can begin to take Trump down now is for the 65% of Republican voters who don’t have their collective heads stuck up their asses to unite NOW behind Cruz.

And, as a bonus, Rubio dropping out and endorsing Cruz should force the other remaining idiot, Kasich, to drop out as well.

It’s now all on you, Marco.