The Kim Kardashian Kandidate

Tens of millions of Americans are fascinated each day by people whose sole claim is that they are “famous for being famous.”

The tabloids feature on their front page the latest comings and goings, crack-ups, and crack use, who is doing what to whom.  There’s TMZ, Access Hollywood, People, zillions of blogs, thousands of paparazzi…..all devoted to providing us the latest 411 on Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kanye, Beonce, Jay Z, Paris, and whoever is the latest freak show.

This has been going on for decades. The world all but stopped rotating around the sun when RFK jr’s plane was lost.  Then there’s Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston  (and her daughter) and the latest iteration of Bruce Jenner. The MSM, and its biggest stars, all compete for the first “get” at the circus act.

But there are also millions more who couldn’t give a rat’s ass what Kim says, or does,  or thinks, or feels. or eats, or screws. We sometimes wonder why anyone would give it a second thought?

But for those to whom celebrity is everything, we are witnessing what happens when it crosses over into the real world; into politics.

Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian Kandidate. He is famous only for being Trump, and for saying “You’re fired!” He is a first rate self-promoter…hey, it’s what narcissists do…and he has avidly courted the media circus…happily sharing details of his sex life and divorces on the front page of the New York Post for years.

Trump, like Kardashian, Tweets, and has “followers.” That is their sole rationale for existing.

Kim Kardashian is basically a porn star. She got her “start” at the big time when a sex tape she made with her boyfriend,  one “Ray J” was “leaked” in 2007. Yup, Kim’s lone claim to fame is that millions got to watch her get screwed.

Trump has taken it to the next level. Unless the Republican party wakes up and comes to its senses, we are about to watch Trump screw the country for the next 4 years.