What, in the name of God, is wrong with evangelicals?

One of the lesser reported stories of the Obama era, by the MSM,  is the tremendous growth in support for the pro-life movement. Polling data is near unanimous in showing that public opinion is changing. The crowds at rallies get larger each year.  Abortion clinics around the country are closing their doors. Many states have enacted laws to protect the unborn. While there is still much work to be done, we could take comfort in that fact that we are winning; that the tide is turning in favor of the unborn.

Evangelicals have long been a significant component of the GOP base. And one of the bedrock foundations of their support has been a deeply held commitment to the sanctity of life, and voting for people who support that position.

With the release of the Planned Parenthood videos, the nation could see for itself the true nature of the evil we confront. And it appeared that the base was unified in a determination to once and for all cut out any and all funding that enables abortions. Indeed, as many wrote here at Red State, this was the hill on which we would, we MUST,  “stand and die,” even if it meant supposedly shutting down the federal government.

Obama’s veto pen ended that effort, and we must await a Republican president to finally kill federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

And while the storm about the PP videos was breaking, another storm was appearing on the horizon: Donald Trump.

The concept of “witness”, or “witnessing” has a long and evolving history in the Bible, from the Old to the New Testaments. It evolves from the OT usage in a legal sense, to the NT use in a religious context, where it first comes to signify the Apostles; those who had actual contact with our Lord, and could thus speak truthfully as to His actions and commentary.

And we come full circle to where an individual bears witness to his own testimony. And thus we have Trump, in 1999, on air with Tim Russert,  “testifying” that he is very very pro-choice, and and BTW, is OK with the barbaric practice of partial birth abortions:


So how is it possible that evangelicals, for whom the sanctity of life is supposedly the key factor in influencing their political choices, are suddenly rushing to embrace a high-functioning megalomaniacal narcissistic psychopath? One who has never, until a few short months ago, shown ANY commitment to the unborn; and while professing to have been converted to the cause, is incapable of  expressing a coherent, let alone cogent, or perhaps, even a religious rationale for this late in life “conversion.”

Where’s Trump’s bearing “witness” to his own, well…let’s just call it an “attitude adjustment” for the time being. Give us something, Donald, anything? But you can’t, can you, because it’s just not there.

But how on God’s green earth did some 50% of South Carolina evangelicals vote for this charlatan, whose only professed God is Mamom, and who only worships in temples that he constructs, and puts his name on.

Had most South Carolina evangelicals voted for Cruz, Trump would today be on the ropes.

Last  month, National Review published a special issue, “Against Trump,”  in which leading conservatives explained why they opposed The Donald.

The May 4, 1965 issue of the same magazine featured several articles under the cover “What, in the name of God, is going on in the Catholic Church?”

It would seem that we need the same type of close examination of the evangelical community, if it indeed even exists.