Republicans MUST begin an all-out united effort to force CNN to ask Democrats tough questions about abortion at their next debate

It  was just announced that Democrats will hold another debate March 6th, in Flint, Michigan. CNN will sponsor it.

You can write the script…evil Republicans killing blacks by poisoning the water….

Marco Rubio’s best moment last night came during his passionate advocacy for life.  But there was one equally as good, and so far pretty much ignored.

Rubio correctly pointed out that during FIVE previous Democrat debates, they have been asked not ONE question about abortion, especially their vile advocacy of late-term killing of innocent babies. Still think the MSM isn’t biased?

Republicans will not be able to counter the Democrat meme at the debate that the GOP doesn’t care about blacks dying while drinking bad water. That deck is impossibly stacked against us.

In the military, when confronting an impregnable obstacle,  you’re taught to flank it, look for a weakness, or even…ignore it and choose a different target.

Every Republican, at every level, starting tomorrow, must begin to demand that CNN ask Hillary and Bernie the hard questions about abortion. Indeed, we should be able to put together a list of 5 questions..that  must be asked.

CNN is already under a lot of pressure for its role in the Cruz/Carson timeline. This ups the pressure.

If CNN fails to ask the Democrats about their views on abortion…and/or tosses them softballs, and lets them get away with spouting banalities like “women’s right to choose,” or “GOP war on women,” then several things can immediately happen:

1. CNN’s bias towards Democrats is obvious for all to see.

2. ALL Republican candidates should refuse to go on CNN

3. RNC disqualifies CNN from hosting one of the general election debates this fall.

The Democrat party is the party of abortion rights. So during a primary, their base doesn’t care, since everyone is on the same page. But nationally, the pro-life movement is growing stronger, and remarkably so, even among millennials. We must force the Democrats to show this evil side NOW.