WWTDT? (What will Trump do tonight?)

The Super Bowl is tomorrow night, and it is busiest day of the year for sports betting. Besides the most common wagers, on the point spread and the over/under, Vegas sports books are offering as many as  400 “proposition bets.” You can bet on whether or not Manning finishes the game, or if he throws an interception before he throws a TD pass.  You can bet on which player scores first; You can even wager on the outcome of the coin toss (Hillary..you listening?) Note: If you want to learn more, click the link

The Republican presidential candidates (except for Carly Fiorina) have a debate tonight in New Hampshire, just days before the primary voting.  Besides the crucial nature of this debate, as it will likely reduce the number of Republican candidates going forward by half, there is considerable interest as to what we may, or may not, see from the wild man of the GOP field.

So, my fellow Red Staters, I ask you,, nay, I put it to you… WWTDT?

What will Trump do tonight?

1. How many times will he say the word “great?”

2. How many times will he call someone “stupid?”

3. Will he say another of the words you’re not supposed to say on TV?

4. Will it be the “F” bomb. “A” bomb. or an “N” (for new,) “bomb?”

5. Will he mention Cruz, or Rubio, first?

6. Will he attack Fox News?

7. Will he attack Megyn Kelly?

8. Will he claim to have won Iowa?

9. Will he claim that Cruz is still a Canadian?

10. Will he attack Martha Raddatz or David Muir?

11. Will he mention Hillary’s coin flips?

12. Who will he mention first as his likely VP candidate?

Well, friends..there’s an even dozen to start the discussion..

The point is, it’s way past time that we pare down the GOP field. But, BUT..until one of the candidates takes Trump to the woodshed, or he totally embarrasses himself, or until the voters send him packing, any future GOP debates are still going to resemble

an ICP concert


Trump will still dominate much of the discussion, simply because the MSM devotes so much time to him.

And that is not a good thing for the GOP.

The Democrat party is  about to embark on an all-out full scale, intramural war, as to who’s the better “Progressive.” Listening to Bernie and Hillary the other night, one was reminded of the old Soviet Union, when one of the most important positions in the Kremlin was the chief Communist party theoretician. It fell to that individual to explain the finer points of Marxian dialectic, not to mention how Marx fully supported current Soviet policy. (Ole Karl sure was right about invading Afghanistan, eh…boy?)

The Dems will spend the next several months dragging themselves further to the left..possibly approaching the cliff, and convincing about 60% of voters that Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists are in fact nothing but idiots, and not to be trusted with governance.

We have a once in a lifetime chance to make our case to the American voters, for a smaller, and far more conservative government. If we have to do this through the MSM filters of continual Trump idiocies, we will be hurting ourselves.

The question then is really not what Trump will do next; rather, it is what we will do about Trump, and how soon.