Will Democrats actually end up killing one, or both, of their candidates?

Surprisingly (or not, considering that the MSM  is in the tank for Democrats) there’s one important question that really hasn’t been even remotely talked about: the age of the two Democrat candidates.  Hillary is 68, Bernie is 74.

However, the question isn’t how old each would be at inauguration; rather, it is if either, or both can physically survive the demands of the primary season without breaking down.

If you watched the Iowa caucus, you saw Bernie Sanders speaking to his supporters at about midnight, EST. He then jumped on an airplane, flew to New Hampshire, and held a rally with several hundred of his volunteers at FIVE AM.

Bernie,  bless his heart,  appears to be blessed with a strong constitution.  In fact, he reminds me of Danny Thomas’ “strong like bull” Uncle Tonoose:

All you baby boomers should remember……and enjoy!!

However, there is no way that Sanders, let alone Hillary,  can keep up the pace of multiple events each day..plus the constant grind of busing all over the place. The body can’t relax, it wears down.

I am the same age as Hillary Clinton. I run most days..hit the gym 3x a week, swim and bike regularly. Indeed, I did a triathlon in 2014. But I now find myself unable to have a late night out without a nap the next day.  In the evening, I’m more than ready to turn in after 10PM, and fall asleep to the TV. I’m not as alert in the evenings as I used to be. If you saw her “victory speech” after Iowa, you also saw Bill Clinton barely managing to stand erect behind her.  He’s a shadow of his former self. He’s slowed considerably. It happens.

So imagine what happens if Hillary, after a day of campaigning around NH, or South Carolina, or multiple states in the SEC primary, has a “senior moment” during a debate. and stumbles over a word or phrase for 30 seconds. That’s “death” on TV

It’s already been 4  months since she’s had a major press event. Can they continue to shield her until the election?

Yes, both candidates have promised to release their health records this week, and they’ll likely be as redacted as Hillary’s emails.

Clinton is hardly the model for a healthy lifestyle. Her BMI is well into the obese range. She doesn’t walk, she waddles.  She likely hasn’t exercised in years.  There have been reports of several  ongoing health concerns for years.

We’re now into the intense stage of  the primary process. And to put it plainly, there is no way that Bernie and Hillary can keep up this pace for another several months. It’s going to take a toll, a big one.

This is not a political assessment. I wish them both the joy of many years in the future.  But from a physiological  perspective, there is NO WAY that both can stagger across the finish line. And once the appearance of weakness, of frailty, is imprinted on the voters’ minds; it can’t be undone.

So don’t be surprised if the Democrat race turns on something totally unexpected, and apolitical.

Life’s funny that way…