Final Iowa poll results: 72% of Republicans despise/loathe/detest "The Donald"

Well, the final Iowa poll, in advance of the caucus, is out, and Trump’s ahead with 28% of the vote. Given the other just released poll, which shows “The Donald” with the  HIGHEST unfavorable  numbers among Republicans, since, well..maybe Bill Clinton…I have just one question for all those who tell us that Trump’s inevitable…

After New Hampshire, we’re likely to see the GOP field cut in half. Regardless of who drops out, does anyone honestly  see any of that support migrating to Trump?

I think not. His support is baked in at about 25%.

I’ll predict that Monday night, Trump UNDERPERFORMS the poll..possibly by as much as 5%.  The contempt Iowa voters have for his skipping the debate isn’t reflect in this last poll.

Cruz might well pull out the win.