Like an earlier "teflon Don," Trump's self-implosion is inevitable

Donald Trump is a man-child in the political promised land.  He is exulting in the aura of adulation that surrounds him. He is absolutely convinced that because he currently leads in the polls, he is the white bread incarnation of Muhammed Ali, “the Greatest.” and can do no wrong whatsoever.

Trump has no organized campaign per se; that is he has nobody to tell him, like a wayward puppy about to pee on the rug, NO!

After all, when you’re convinced that you’re the smartest guy in the room, why bother listening to what anyone else says. In current parlance, Trump lack a “filter,” and this will ultimately prove to be his undoing.

Trump, semi tippy -toed to the edge the other day, with his astonishing admission that “he could shoot a person on Fifth Avenue, and he wouldn’t lose one supporter.” ( One of course assumes that the person he shot was NOT a Trump fan; though in Trump’s warped view, he might feel the individual would view it as a badge of honor.)

Politicians always say stupid things during campaigns. They are long, grueling, tedious, and it’s easy to let a word or phrase slip. But then the A- team always jumps in, rescues the candidate from his own verbal miscue, and tries to make it go away after a few news cycles.

But not in Trump’s case. He’s proud of his accomplishment. Man, he’s the GREATEST!!

And because nobody will dare tell him otherwise, it’s inevitable that he will self-destruct. Trump is a megalomanical narcissist. He is on a high, a trip, that likely he couldn’t have imagined a few months ago. It is addictive to that type pf personality; the media attention, the blind adulation of the crowds.

Remember it was a simple SCREAM that near instantly destroyed Howard Dean:

The long primary process  tests candidates, and showcases them at their best, and worst. Many have tried, and many have been found wanting:  Gary Hart, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain,  John Edwards,  Lyndon LaRouche,  Ross Perot, and Gerry Brown, just to name a few. All came up substantially short.

John Gotti became boss of the Gambino crime family. Rather than live in the shadows, he publicly flaunted his wealth and notoriety.

He reveled in the public limelight. He was out and about constantly, dressed to the nines, on the front pages of the NY tabloids. He earned the sobriquet, the Dapper Don.  And after he was acquitted in three separate murder trials, he morphed into “The Teflon Don.”

But ultimately, he was convicted, and died in prison.

Trump and Gotti share several key characteristics.

They both  believed they were the smartest guys in the room.

They both believed the were untouchable.

They both did NOT have any individuals to tell them when they’d gone too far over the line.

Gotti steeped on his own crank; it cost him his life. Trump will do the same, and it will cost him the nomination.  It’s inevitable.