Dear FOX News: Call the big baby's bluff. Announce that Carli Fiorina is being promoted to the main debate

Trump’s an idiot.  He’s gone way too far this time. The main reason is he doesn’t have a solid campaign staff…just a bunch of yes men/acolytes who keep telling him how smart, how GREAT, he is.

So there was nobody around to tell him that NO, DUMBASS!! boycotting the FOX debate Thursday is a REALLY DUMB IDEA!!!!

But FOX needs to act fast. Announce that since there is now a  vacancy in the field, and the rules as agreed to by all call for the top 7 candidates, by polling averages, to make the cut for the prime time debate, well, Carli Fiorina, COME ON DOWN!!!!

Ms. Fiorina has dispatched Trump in the past; I’m sure she’d welcome the chance to do so again