What's a girl to do? Hillary Clinton's firewall now consists of all those South Carolina black Democrats who voted for Alvin Greene

Hillary Clinton is going to lose Iowa, likely by 10 pts.  She will then get absolutely clobbered in NH. Her campaign been operating under the premise that she’d win Iowa; they now have to spin a different scenario.

South Carolina is her supposed firewall, the last redoubt. This is where the Clinton connection with black voters will hold the line, and give her a win.

Presently, she leads Sanders by a 2:1 margin in the state; but those numbers are in flux. And after Sanders wins big in Iowa and NH, expect even more movement.

And let’s not forget the 2010 SC senate primary, where virtual unknown, unqualified Alvin Johnson won 60% of the vote against a member of the state  Democrat establishment.

If Alvin Johnson, with no support, no campaign organization, and no funding, can pull out an upset of this magnitude; then anything’s possible.

Heck, Bernie is a far more likeable guy than Alvin.

I think we’ll see a  “whole lot’ shakin’ goin on…”  Politicians do not like backing losers.

Several members of the Black Caucus might switch to Bernie, and if James Clyburn decided to toss in the towel, well, it’ all over.

In fact, after losing the first three primaries, Hillary might actually be praying for a federal indictment as the only way she can get out of her doomed campaign.