If vocabulary is indeed an indicator of intelligence; then Trump is a moron.

Last night, Trump called into FOX to offer his “thoughts” on Glen Beck’s stirring endorsement of Ted Cruz.

While earlier on, Cruz had spoken well of Trump, saying that he personally liked the Donald, and that he would not engage in attacking him, except for their policy differences; Trump continued his pattern of denigrating individuals.

Beck is a “loser,” who was “fired from FOX.” Just as National Review is a failing magazine, and that Wm F. Buckley would be “ashamed.” And on, and on.

Indeed, one can trace it straight back to his attack on Megyn Kelly at the first debate.

This is the equivalent of kids in a playground shouting “Is too!” “Am not!” back and forth.

Or possibly, it’s a subliminal attempt to appeal to black voters. After all, we’ve never had a candidate for the White House who “played the dozens.”

But leaving aside the childish pattern of behavior, what’s more disconcerting is Trump’s inability to articulate a cogent thought.

Linguists have long know than in normal human speech, about 5% of all the words in the English language are used 95% of the time.

In Trump’s case, he’s gotten it down to less than 1%.  And that is a clear indication of a significantly restricted vocabulary, which likely means a deficiency of the intellect.

If he could not utter, “Great”, as one example, or “America” or “stupid,” The Donald wouldn’t have anything to say. And of course, let’s not forget “deal.”

This is why he just loves Twitter…he only needs to fill up 140 characters…between 10-20 words..and even an idiot can do that.

But there is one saving grace to the abhorrent idea of a Trump presidency: No doubt he would skip Congress, and just Tweet the State of the Union address: