About all these SAP emails on Hillary's server....just how the hell did they get there in the first place?

Like most here, I’m carefully following the latest reports that super sensitive, top-secret SAP data were found on Hillary’s private, homebrew (gawd, I love that word) email server.

But what I don’t understand , and I’m hoping that some here can shed some light, is how they ended up there in the first place. What I’ve been able to find either  doesn’t go into it, or even worse, makes no sense. Let’s take these one by one, as I understand them.  (Apologies in advance if I misuse terms, i.e. “classified” “Top Secret”, etc..)

1. Only a few individuals possess the special clearances to have, or access these SAP emails.

2. They exist only  on certain very secure email systems.

3. Some one, or more than someone, in the government had to originate them, to SEND them to Hillary. She did NOT originate them.

4. Hillary did NOT have or use a TOP SECRET email system that could have received these SAP emails.

5. So to who, and where, were they sent? If there was in fact a classified email account somewhere at State for Hillary that could receive the emails, then someone, or  more than someone, had access to it..and likely without clearances.

6. Who received them, and then scrubbed them, and forwarded them on to Hillary?

7.  As far as I can understand, there are only TWO ways to get TOP SECRET material off of a classified system, and onto an unsecure one.

a) Do what Snowden did; download it to a flash drive, and then upload it to an unsecure system

b) Physically copy the data…either type it into the unsecured system, or print it out from the classified system, and then scan it into the unclassified system.


When it comes to this stuff..I’m a Luddite..I admit it…and possibly I’m just missing something really obvious here..but I’m having trouble connecting the dots. It would seem there have to be a lot more players involved in this.