Conservatives must accept that we also have a large population of LIVs....

While both sides of the political spectrum have used the term “low information voter” to disparage a segment of each other’s support; the term has generally  become associated with Rush Limbaugh, who uses it often to describe voters who pull the Democrat lever for vague reasons at best.

The support for Trump is proof that there is a large, and passionate  LIV wing in the Republican party as well.

On March 25, 2013, Rush said this of LIVs:

I have never said that low-information voters are stupid.  I just said they don’t know what they think they know.  They are prisoners to the media, which has dumbed them down.  Low-information voters can be doctors.  Low-information voters can be scientists.  They can be among all walks of life.  It has nothing to do with IQ.  It has to do with what they don’t know because of their media sources.  Low-information voters are clearly people that don’t have all the information available to make a voting choice.  That’s all they are.  And they’re all over the place.  And most of them do vote Democrat. Most of them did vote for Obama. It’s not a comment on their intelligence. It’s not that they’re stupid or don’t understand the issues. They just haven’t had it all explained to them.”

Which brings us to Trump.

In the above quote, today, we can easily substitute “Trump” for “Obama” and “Republican” for “Democrat.” And it works. The construct holds true.

But LIVs who vote Republican are different from Democrat LIVs in one key respect. DLIVs  tend to feel that Democrats are going to do more for them, give them more stuff.

RLIVs, on the other hand,  are mad; mad at pretty much everyone and everything.

I wonder how many here recall the term BGR. It stands for Broken Glass Republican. From 1996-2000, it represented Republicans who were so angry and disgusted with the Clintons that it was said they would “crawl over broken glass on their hands and knees to get to the voting booth .”

These BRGs weren’t FOR any particular candidate; they just were AGAINST everything that was in place.

And they are reincarnated today as Trump supporters.  They are mad at Obama, and the Democrats, but they are equally, if not more so, pissed off with a weak GOP leadership and a do-nothing Congress. They feel they’ve been  lied to repeatedly by the GOP establishment. They are mad, they are angry, they are AGAINST it all.

And they have found an outlet for their anger in Trump.

I am not going to recite the litany of what’s wrong with Trump; why he is indeed a false prophet.

But rather, let’s contrast him with Cruz, who should be running away with this primary. Cruz is, compared to Trump: too nice, too articulate, too principled, too intelligent, too down-to-earth. He has a clear understanding of what this nation once was….where it came from, what it stood for, and a vision of how to return it to once again be Reagan’s “shining city on a hill..”

Trump instead offers a jingoistic, and unintelligible pablum of phrases and disjointed concepts. And in an era of instant 30 second sound bites, texting, and other social media which allows for an instantaneous and often insipid comment, Trump’s appeal to the RLIVs is like crack to an addict. An instantaneous high.

The GOPe is alone responsible for the Trump phenomenon.  Their decades long failures provided the opening for a The Donald. And he seized it.

Last July, I posted a diary, “Tail Gunner Trump.”   McCarthy initially was very popular with a large part of the GOP. And he was correct about  some very important issues. especially the extent of communist influence and penetration in  Washington. And then the wheels came off the car. Trump too is 100% right about some things, especially closing the border. He alone raised the issue,when most of the Republican party wanted some form of amnesty and open borders. But, like McCarthy, it’s inevitable that Trump will implode.  The Donald is this decade’s Joe McCarthy, and the Republican party today, more than 50 years later, is still smeared with the false cry of “McCarthyism” by the left at every opportunity.

We conservatives have to find a way to convince our own LIVs that Trump is NOT the answer. We can’t do it by denigrating them, ridiculing them. That won’t work; they’re way past that.

I don’t have the answer. However, I do think the first step must be to clear the GOP field of all the other candidates as quickly as possible. Get it down to a two man race. Trump and Cruz.

Given that,  I believe that Cruz will pick up most of the support. I think Trump will plateau somewhere at about 30-35%. That alone will put a big dent in his “raison d’etre.”

Trump’s campaign now consists mainly of two components:

Multiple uses of the word “GREAT” in a sentence.

Endless recitation of his polling numbers. With apologies to Descartes, Trump’s rationale is “I poll, therefore I am..”

Once Trump has to confront Cruz mano a mano; his shallowness, his narcissism, will become self evident. Trump’s ego is monumental, and it will prove his undoing. Give him the opportunity, and he’ll unmask himself.