Sanders can easily win the Democrat nomination if he is willing to utter just ONE single word.....

Bernie Sanders will likely win the Iowa caucus, and then head on to a  wipe-out of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

The Clinton campaign seems resigned to these losses,  but points to her expected “firewall” in the South Carolina, and then the SEC primaries, where her overwhelming support, about 80%, among black voters should provide the margins of victory.

So what’s Bernie to do?

Despite his long history of involvement in the civil rights movement (according to a story in “The Hill,”  “…Sanders attended the 1963 March on Washington, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his most famous speech, and was arrested protesting segregated housing in his days as a college student.”)  Bernie has yet to make any inroads into  Hillary’s favorability with black voters.

Bernie’s already promised the moon and the stars so far in the campaign. He wants universal health care, free college tuition, paid family leave, among other goodies. And of course, not one word is said about how to pay for all it it.

Bernie, Bernie, my boychik…you’re on the right path.  The answer’s there…right in front of you.

Just say the magic word; the “R” word:


Yup..that’s the answer; the magic formula..guaranteed to hand you the nomination.

“Reparations” has long been the holy grail of black Democrat politicians; though out of caution only the most radical have been willing to publicly address the question.

Now Bernie doesn’t have to come out and call for a specific goal, like a “$15/hour minimum wage.”  No  need to make promises, the equivalent of “a chicken in even pot,” or, “40 acres and a mule.”

But just imagine if, at a rally in South Carolina, right after having won Iowa and NH, he announces that among the first things he would do after he is sworn in as president, would be to “appoint a distinguished national commission to examine if blacks are entitled to reparations for the injustices they and their forebearers endured due to the evils of slavery.”

This would be cataclysmic; a veritable political earthquake.

Immediately,  every single Democrat member of the Congressional Black caucus,  and every elected black  Democrat anywhere in the country, would endorse the idea, and by extension, Bernie’s candidacy. Many would likely actually come out directly for him in the Democrat race. And many white liberals would cheer the idea as well.

Hillary wouldn’t know which way to turn.  She’d be boxed in. Oppose the idea, and she’s toast among black voters. Support it, and she loses most independents.

Obama, who on a few occasions, tiptoed around the question of reparations (to avoid losing some white votes in the elections) would likely signal his support. After all, Bernie is NOT calling for checks to be cut the first month he’s in office; Bernie is only calling for a serious national discussion on the issue, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

And as for Bernie, there’s really no downside whatsoever. Consider:

1. He probably can’t win the nomination unless he can make inroads with black voters.

2. He’s already promised voters the sun and the moon, without telling us how he’d pay for them. So it’s no big deal to toss in a few more planets and galaxies into the mix.

3. If you look at Bernie’s key constituencies; white left liberals,  millennials, and the whole social justice crowd, not one of them would be upset  by this. It likely wouldn’t cost him ANY support whatsoever, and that’s a rarity in the world of politics. It’d be a HUGE win/win for Sanders.

So then Bernie..go ahead. Stand in front of the mirror, and practice saying the “R” word. REPARATIONS..

R – E – P – A – R- A – T – I – O – N – S

It could be the magic potion that “droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven, onto the ballot box..and blesseth your candidacy..”

Gimme an “R”     “R!”

Gimme an “E”     “E!”

Gimme a “P”        “P!”

Gimme an “A”      “A!”

Gimme  an “R”     “R!”

Gimme an “A”       “A!”

Gimme a “T”         “T!”

Gimme an “I”        “I!”

Gimme an “O”      “O!”

Gimme an “N”      “N!”

Gimme an “S”       “S!”