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In 2000, George W. Bush won the state of Florida, and thus the presidency by a mere total of 537 votes.

And the nation was thankfully, and gratefully spared  from the unthinkable, nay…incomprehensible scenario of having Al Gore in the Oval Office on 9/11.

Therefore, we see yet again that every vote does indeed count.

It is more than conceivable that at least  537 people in Iowa and New Hampshire have been dissuaded from logging onto RedState; because DISQUS well, frankly……..sucks.

And thus, these individuals, unable to engage in spirited and informed discussion, could not be persuaded or convinced to vote for Ted Cruz.  Some voted for Rubio; a few for Christie. Some on principle, stayed with Ben Carson.  Six actually voted for Kasich.

Trump thus won both Iowa and New Hampshire by minuscule margins, which allowed him to then run the table and capture the GOP nomination.

He then went on to lose the general election to Hillary Clinton, as his nasty temperament, and near pathological narcissism were revealed during the campaign, and turned off tens of millions of independent voters. Groups allied with Democrats widely distributed nude pictures of Trump’s wife to  evangelical voters, and millions stayed home in disgust.

Trump’s performance severely hurt the bottom of the ticket, as the Democrats managed to win 50 seats in the Senate; where VP Castro now casts the deciding vote.

Hillary Clinton was thus able to nominate THREE very liberal justices, ALL under age 45… to the Supreme Court in her first 100 days, as Ginsburg, Kennedy, and  Breyer all announced their retirements immediately after Clinton was sworn in.

Senate minority leader McConnell attempted to filibuster  these nominations, but newly elected Majority Leader Chuck Schumer changed the Senate rules by majority vote, to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations. All three were confirmed by 52-48 margins, as GOP senators McCain and Hatch both voted to confirm, saying that a “newly elected president deserves to get her first nominations confirmed.”

McConnell then issued an urgent fund-raising email, pleading for contributions for the 2018 election, , and telling Republicans that “until the GOP has a 60 vote Senate majority, they really couldn’t be expected to get anything done.”

Even worse, Justice Scalia was recently said to be in poor health, and many are expecting he will announce his retirement soon; giving Hillary yet another SCOTUS nomination. Her four picks, combined with Justices Kagan and Sotomayor, all but guarantee a very liberal court majority for the next 30+ years.

Thus, the nation we all love is now totally screwed, and our children and grandchildren face a very uncertain future in a country that none of use would surely recognize.

And all because of a rotten, gawd-awful, POS stinking, atrocious, DISQUS….