Carly: Time to show the boys how to "man up." End your campaign, and ask others to do likewise. Be a hero!!

Dear Carly……..I’ve enjoyed, (and even supported with a small donation), your campaign since it began. There were a lot of positives at the start. Obviously, you were the only female in a very large group. You had a solid, strong, message, which you continuously delivered clearly and concisely. You’re pretty much an outsider, and we need lots more of those to help take back our government.  But most of all, from way back at the start, you were the only one who focused, laser-like, on Hillary; never missing an opportunity to criticize her;  boldly asserting she was a LIAR. When the others demurred, you reminded them who the real target is. You led the way.

You had a rock-star, bravura performance at the first undercard debate. It elevated you to the main debate stage  next time, and you did very well, especially with your successful, and surgical, dismissal of Trump. You’ve been well received at your rallies all around the country. In your many TV interviews, you continued to focus on Hillary, and very effectively. You appeared poised for a breakout.

But for whatever reasons, it hasn’t happened. It’s politics, and like life, there’s often just no explanation.

Now it’s time to lead once again; to show the way. The last debate (from which you were properly excluded due to your minuscule poll numbers) was very effective; in part because the number of participants was reduced.  But now it’s past time to thin the herd, to get serious and realistic, and really start to focus on choosing our candidate.

We’re a few weeks away from Iowa and NH. The conventional wisdom is that those two results will decide a lot, but I’m not that sure. Some will need a push. We should have some new polling numbers early this coming week.

I think you would be far better served, personally, and politically, if, when the new numbers come out, that you end your campaign, and more importantly, call on others to do the same.

And, if you choose, make an endorsement.  That would really get everyone’s attention.

Some have said that you were really running for the VP slot. I don’t think that’s the case, but your campaign has put you back in the public eye; demonstrated your talents, and if not VP, you should be considered for any of several cabinet positions.

But you’re uniquely positioned to help shape the field, and thus the race, and do the GOP, and ultimately the nation, a valuable service.