House Democrats throw in the towel....

The surprise announcements yesterday that Jim McDermott and Steve Israel are retiring are proof positive that House Democrats have given up any hope whatsoever that they could retake the House this November. Both are senior Democrats, with very safe seats. Israel was in charge of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee for the last two  (losing)electoral cycles.

If they had one smidgen (to borrow a term from Obama) of hope that the Dems could win this year, they’d have stayed on. But current redistricting has all but guaranteed that the GOP will control the House until 2022, and likely through 2032.  Republicans control a dominant majority of state houses and state legislators, and this is where redistricting occurs, and also where most of the next generation of congressional candidates get their start in politics.

To use a baseball analogy, the GOP has a superb minor league organizational structure, and its teams are stocked with lots of top rated prospects. The Democrats, on the other hand, lack both.

The House, unlike the Senate, is dominated by the majority. There’s very little the minority can do. So, simply put, it ain’t a whole lot of fun being in the minority all the time, and after decades of it, one just gets tired.

But there have been signs for months  that all was not well in the House Democrat caucus.

Chris van Holland, long viewed as the likely successor to Nancy Pelosi, left the House to seek a Senate seat. He is even willing to challenge a member of the Black Caucus for the seat in order to escape the House.

Pelosi’s another problem, …..er, issue, for the Dems. She has succeeded in becoming a parody of herself. It’s painful to watch one of her press briefings. Quite possible, senility is beginning to creep in. So why does she stay on?

She’s about due to make her 4th consecutive WRONG prediction that the Dems will take the House, and elect her Speaker. If she actually clings to that idea, then she is truly delusional. Or is she just determined to deny Steny Hoyer his chance to be minority leader? Who knows? And at this point , who cares? She is irrelevant, except  as a valuable election pinata for the GOP to whack away at.

The House Democrat caucus is a zoo.  It is beholden to its largest block, the Congressional Black Caucus, which is collectively composed of the stupidest people in Washington.  I mean, Hank Johnson, Corinne Brown, Alma Adams, John Conyers, Danny Davis, Chaka Fattah, Sheila Jackson Lee,  Eddie Bernice Johnson, Bobby Rush, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson; to name but some.

What do ANY of these people do, except get reelected every two years?

Any even scarier, if by some horrible, unimaginable scenario, the Democrats were to retake the House, all of the above would become committee and subcommittee heads. And they wouldn’t stand for the Democrat caucus changing the rules.

Can you just imagine having to caucus, and discuss strategy  and policy, with these intellectual featherweights every week for DECADES? NO wonder Israel and McDermott bailed out.

Look for more to follow, with some unexpected surprises.

And can they actually elect Pelosi again, as their leader, after a fourth failed effort to win the House?