OMG!!! Pigs DO fly!! Dems cracking up..turning on each other! (Hint: buy popcorn futures!)

Well, well, well, whaddaya know….

Seems there are more than a few cracks in the monolithic Democrat universe.

Was Bernie Sanders’ decision to challenge Hillary just some quixotic dream, or did he perhaps sense that something’s rotten in Dem world, and if the stars align properly, he might actually pull it out?

Consider the last few days.

Al Sharpton, and much of the black and liberal Democrat power cabal in Chicago, have now openly called for Rahm to go. It remains to be seen what Obama, Hillary, and Sanders have to say about this. Who will be the first to toss Emanuel under the bus, if not the El?

If he’s smart, it’ll be Bernie..who’s not doing that well with black voters ( look at pics of his massive rallies…they could pass for GOP campaign crowds…if not for the tie-dyed tees and the Birkenstocks)

But what really made me sit up and take note was today’s  column by Ruth Marcus…“Trump is right about Bill”…She’s about as reflexively left, and a butt-kissing Democrat, as one can possibly find…and here she agrees with Trump about Bill’s past history with women being fair game, and chides Hillary for playing the sexism card.

There’s also a piece in Politico today ( yes, that’s right..Politico!) 6 moments that could haunt Hillary Clinton. Still, the world hasn’t gone completely bananas…it omits #7…Hillary’s comments to a campaign mob a few weeks ago to the effect that “any woman who claims  to be the victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment deserves the benefit of the doubt.”

I can just see Paula, and Kathleen smiling when they read that. This is the one, I predict, that will come back to bite her on her tush, big time.