Dear Dr. Carson: at the next debate, walk onstage, announce that you're dropping out, and endorsing.....

“Nothing in his political life became him like the leaving it…”    (with profuse apologies to Wm. Shakespeare)

Ben Carson should give serious consideration to dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

He is a good man, a God fearing man. He has a wonderful personal story, he’s blessed with a loving wife and children, and his career has been both a success and an inspiration.

He has also shown that he is not ready to be President. That’s not a criticism; it’s a simple statement of fact. The reasons why have been detailed here  by others several times on Red State.

Dr. Carson first came to national prominence in March 2013, when he dared to speak truth to power, and confronted Obama at the National Prayer breakfast. Very few have the courage to twist the tiger’s tail inside the Beltway cage.

He immediately became, well, let’s call it…a “darling of conservatives”, a lightning rod for all those who opposed Obama’s efforts to fundamentally transform America.

And he was off and running…literally and figuratively. His candidacy took off like a rocket, as people responded to his warmth, his story, and his message.

His high point likely came during his closing statement at the first (FOX) debate, when he told the audience that he was the only person on stage to “…. take out half of a brain – although you would think, if you go to Washington, that someone had beat me to it…

Indeed, soon after he was leading in the polls, winning the support of about 25% of likely Republican primary voters. Since then, his numbers have pretty much imploded.

He’s now in single digits. Even in Iowa, where he enjoyed considerable support among evangelicals, that has cratered.

Much of his support has migrated to [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].

Ben Carson is a really, really smart guy. Therefore he has to realize now that he is not going to win the GOP nomination.  Back when it all started, with a rush, with the adulation pouring in for his speech at the National Prayer breakfast; Carson, and a few of his closest supporters may well have thought they could capture “lightning in a bottle” and win the nomination.

But it’s not to be.

However, Dr. Carson still has a superb opportunity to do the nation, and the GOP a great service, by helping to shape the primary process.

Trump must not, cannot, and, I hope, will not be the nominee. However, until the GOP candidate herd is severely culled, opposition  to Trump can’t coalesce around one or two others. So “The Donald” continues to run amok, capture all the MSM attention,  and bloviate, because he has a lead in the polls.

So, Dr. Ben..now’s your chance. The time is right; the opportunity presents itself. I don’t pretend to know who you might favor in the GOP field; however I do know it isn’t Trump. After all, the man said you were “pathetic,” that you had a “pathological temper,” (he even somehow related it to a child molester,)  and horror of horrors, that you were “very low energy.” He said that those in Iowa who supported you were “stupid people.”

Obviously, “The Art of the Deal” doesn’t have a chapter on “how to win friends and influence people.”

So, no..I don’t think that Trump’s on your Christmas card list; this year or any time in the future.

But just imagine, Dr. Ben, if, on January 14th, you walked onstage for the Fox Business GOP debate, and during your opening statement, you announced that “after careful consideration and much prayer, you were now officially ending your campaign, and endorsing ___________, and urged your supporters to do the same…”

Wow! I mean, just wow!!!

Your “baptism” into the political world came when you first confronted Obama at the prayer breakfast. Well then, make this your political valedictory.

It’s a huge opportunity, a giant stage.  Unlike the Democrats, who are running a stealth debate series, the public is tuning into the GOP debates.

Your still have legions of admirers. Even among those who no longer support your candidacy, you have earned a great deal of affection and respect. I normally don’t give much weight to endorsements, but in such a setting…it would be powerful, possibly a game changer.

So, like Mickey Rooney told the gang:

One last thought, Dr Ben, on a personal note…your country will still need you, and hopefully will turn to you for your expertise.

Whichever Republican is our next President, they should ask you to run, and fix, the Veterans Administration.  The VA is NOT about veterans per se; rather, it should be about delivering first rate medical care to a population that just happens to be veterans; and who therefore  have earned, and deserve, the best.

Current VA head Robert McDonald is a total disaster. Coming out of a large corporate bureaucracy, he’s totally failed at fixing an even larger and more intransigent one, the VA. (I can count the number of people he has fired on the fingers of Jason Pierre-Paul’s right hand.)

(A parable of sorts: Kidder, Peabody was an old line Wall Street firm when GE purchased it in the 1980s. Shortly after, the firm was entangled in the huge insider-trading scandal. Jack Welch sent  GE board member Silas Cathcart, the former chairman of Illinois Tool Works, down to run Kidder, and to clean the mess up. Which led one Wall Street wag to remark, “That’s just what the place needs..a good tool and die man.” Oh yeah, one more small detail. Kidder went out of business a few years later. And thus ends the lesson..”)

But a surgeon, aha!!!..now that’s the ticket. A surgeon runs a tight ship, a taut OR. And a surgeon knows how to cut, both through diseased tissue AND red tape.

Yo would have the opportunity to completely restructure the VA, and to demonstrate how to reshape medical care in this country after the damage that Obamacare has inflicted upon it.