Saturday's Democrat debate: The last chance for ABC and the MSM to show they haven't completely sold out to the Democrats

Democrats have a strategy to avoid dealing with national security and terrorism questions at the debate.

In case you missed it, this Saturday night there’s another Democrat debate. The DNC strategy of protecting Hillary, by  limiting the number of debates and also holding them when people are LEAST likely to tune in, continues.

However, San Bernardino happened, and most inconveniently for Democrats. Before their last debate, Bernie Sanders actually tried to get questions on national security and terrorism banned from the debate. He wanted to create a “safe viewing zone” for the audience.

It’s going to be impossible to avoid questions on the subject. But just how hard will the ABC moderators, David Muir and Martha Raddatz, push the three candidates? That’s the key question.

Let’s see one of them ask Bernie Sanders if he STILL thinks that global warming is the greatest danger we face. And when he quietly mumbles “yes, of course it is,” well, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should just march onto the stage with a big hook, and escort, er..drag him off.

It’s going to be increasingly hard for Hillary to distance herself from all of Obama’s failures, let alone his weakness in even being able to confront the issue of radical Islamic terrorism. Simply put, telling the American people that what the country needs is “four more years of the last seven,” won’t work.

But  never underestimate the ability of Democrats to deceive and deny.

Yesterday, on the ABC News website, this little gem, er…trial balloon floated into very thin air….abcnews.go.com/Politics/hampshires-drug-epidemic-takes-center-stage-democratic-debate/story?id=35814461

Seems there’s an epidemic of drug related problems in the Granite State. But here’s the money quote:

“Now, as Democratic candidates descend on the Granite State for Saturday’s debate, their hosts are begging them to focus on the drug epidemic that has gripped the state.”


Yup. there it is folks. Hillary et al, are going to talk not about radical Islamic terrorists who want to kill us; but instead about how we need MORE funding, and more government programs to deal with the problems of drug addiction.

I guess the good people of New Hampshire aren’t worried about getting killed by a Muslim fanatic while doing their Christmas shopping. It’s so cold up there, that smart terrorists are travelling to balmier climes to wage jihad.