An easy, elegant, and foolproof way for Ted Cruz to deal with Trump

The entire MSM, and much of the GOP(e), is doing everything possible to induce a steel cage match between Cruz and Trump.

Cruz has thus far run a brilliant campaign; avoiding any direct criticism of The Donald, as he anticipates ultimately winning over many of Trump’s supporters.

And at last night’s debate, “mirabile dictu,”  Trump bestowed his blessing on Cruz, offering up the admission that Cruz is, in fact, a  nice guy and not a “maniac.”

Trump went on; affirming his allegiance to the GOP and promising to support the nominee, and to not run as an independent.

However, at some time, Cruz will have to do something about Trump; to  confront him, take a stand, take him on, yet hopefully not overtly antagonizing much of Trump’s support.

And happily, there’s something that Cruz can do. The next time he’s asked a question about Trump, Cruz should announce that one of the first things he will do after taking the oath of office is to name Trump as a “Dollar-a-year man” and put him in charge of building the wall across our southern border.

It’s really just perfect.

During WW I, WW II, and the Korean War, periods of great peril in our nation’s history, hundreds of top business executives served as “Dollar-a-year men” to help the government mobilize and manage both itself, and industry; during these times of crisis.

Federal law does not allow the government to accept the services of volunteers. The nominal salary is necessary to establish their legal relationship as employees of the government.

Well, we are at war now with radical jihadi Islam.  Our nation is in great danger. The homeland is threatened many times every day. Both Trump and Cruz have made this point a centerpiece of their campaigns.

Trump’s campaign had its genesis in his proposal to seal the border and deport eleven million illegals. So he would have no choice but to agree that if circumstances dictated, he would happily accept the position, and of course, because he knows how to “do great deals and build great things,” he’d of course build a “great wall” to protect America.

And there are many other benefits to this idea. Anyone remember all 30-40  of Obama’s “czars?”  See them mentioned recently? (well, there’s the new “anti-ISIS” czar, but even the MSM isn’t buying that) So, well then, actually…no. And that’s because they haven’t done a damn thing (except get paid a whole lot of money to do nothing)

This would be a great contrast to the “czar” program. I’ve never liked the term, even when GOP presidents used it. It frankly sounds, well..”un-American”; whereas the idea of a “dollar a year” man or woman invokes the spirit of volunteerism, which  reflects on what made this country great, and directly contradicts the idea of “big government” as the way to fix everything.

So Cruz makes this announcement, and Trump has no choice but to smile and graciously respond that of “course he’d accept  President Cruz’s request.”

This could have far deeper and more meaningful implications for the campaign. Many conservatives, like myself and others here, who do not think that Trump should be President, and that his campaign will end up hurting the GOP; worry about his exit strategy.

Trump’s ego is monumental. I have written that I feel he’s a megalomaniacal  narcissist. But when his poll numbers start to collapse, how will he react? Will he lash out wildly, which will only hurt the party and the nominee?

He needs an exit strategy, a way to bow out gracefully, with his pride intact. And this little idea is the perfect answer.

At some time in the future, when he’s not leading in the polls, Trump can announce that he’s dropping out, and endorsing Cruz. Can you imagine him endorsing anyone else?  Further, he’s going to work hard to support Cruz’ campaign, help raise money to win the election.

At the same time, Trump can announce that he’s happily accepted  Cruz’s offer to be his first “dollar-a-year” man, in charge of building the wall. And he’s going to spent the next however many months until the inauguration  talking to architects, engineers, and construction executives to get ideas on the best way to proceed. And all of this at his own expense. Further, he’s immediately flying off to Israel to inspect their security walls, talk to the people who designed and built them,and learn whatever he can.

Trump looks the hero; the good guy. He’ll eat it up. It gives him a purpose AFTER he leaves the primaries.

And one more thing: You can take it to the bank that he will build a great wall, ahead of schedule and under budget.

Merry Christmas, Ted! My early gift to you…