Busted!!! Paul Ryan is a well, "beard" for the GOP(e)

Well, crap…..ain’t that just a nice piece of coal for a conservative’s Christmas stocking.

Speaker Ryan, aka Boehner 2.0, late Tuesday night revealed a budget busting deal to run the government for a year.

Prior to being elected Speaker, in extended negotiations with House conservatives, Ryan promised, ABOVE ALL ELSE,  a return to the regular order of the House.

So, how’s that working out?

Ryan’s given the House, not to mention the rest of the country, TWO WHOLE FRIGGIN’ DAYS to read the thousands of pages of complex tax,  regulatory, and spending legislation before voting on it. Obviously Ryan took notice as to how the Democrats got Obamacare passed.

There is so much in the bill that is bad, wrong, and a near total fold to the Democrats.

Ryan’s new beard may well be a psychological manifestation of how he really feels…..RINO doesn’t begin to do it justice..maybe we should try CHINO (conservative hypocrite in name only) instead.

There are two things that need to happen immediately:

1. Any Republican running for President, and calling himself a conservative, should denounce this bill and call for it to be voted down. If they don’t, or won’t..that will tell us a lot.

2. Dave Brat should today introduce the privileged motion to vacate the chair. 

Enough is enough. It’s astonishing, if not incredulous, to realize that only 4 years ago, conservatives embraced Ryan’s pick as Mitt’s VP. We all believed he would bring a conservative balance to the ticket, and hopefully the next administration. Well, four more years inside the DC sewer has corrupted Ryan past the point of no return.